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Help/Advice please?

What experience does anyone have with elemental diets? Anyone got any favourite brands?
Need to start one and tried one brand but didn't enjoy, envy recommendations out there?
Thank you!
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Which one did you try? The two main ones are Elemental 028, and Modulen.

I don't think "enjoy" is what the makers had in mind with these things and I certainly don't think you'll find any that are enjoyable!
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Hi Sophie,

I'm not familiar with the drinkable formulas, my son was on an elemental diet but ingested the formula through an NG tube.

However, there is a subform for elemental diets where I think you'll find more information. The link is attached (but if it doesn't work, it's under Treatments). There are many members who have used the drinkable formulas and may be able to suggest some other brands.


Good luck!

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