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Help Wanted Please

Hi guys, I'm hoping someone can help me here. I'm experiencing quite bad joint pain in my hands and legs (every joint aches and I'm walking like Woody from Toy Story").

Has anyone else experienced this and if so, could you please tell me what helps.

I've tried Tramadol, Co-Codamol and even wearing fingerless gloves all day.

Obviously I can't take Ibuprofen so was wondering if there's anything else I can take/do to clear this up.

Thanks guys,
Anne Marie

Diaganosed Crohns: 1990 (symptoms before then)
B12 injections everythree months
Folic Acid (5mgs)
Loperamide (10mgs)
Prozac (20mgs)
Propanalol (20mgs)
Omeprazole (20mgs)]

Currently adjusting to Sally the Stoma

Surgery: right sided hemicolectomy, gall bladder removed, numerous operations for perianal fistula and loop colostomy in March 2011. Currently awaiting news to see if it can be reversed
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Hi, in the past during quite bad flare ups i had really sore and stiff knee's, to the point that i could hardly walk. are you on any crohns meds at the moment? In my case my joints absolutley ached along with other crohns symptoms, and then when i was given prednisolone and a new crohns med to try the joint pain along with other symptoms would go away. Is it possible your having some sort of flare up? I guess the cold weather wont exactly be helping things either!
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omeprozol 40mg
codeine x4
ferrous sulphate
folic acid

ileostomy, colostomic mucus fistula stoma. gastostromy after recent surgery

tried, prednisolone, pentasa, azathioprine and infliximab
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Hiya, I don't think I'm having a flare up as other than the pain I feel fine at the moment. I'm due some test results on Friday though so maybe it's stress that's affecting my crohns.

I'm not really on any special meds specifically for crohns just now. My doctor took me off azathoiprine in February as I was going in for major surgery and hasn't put me back on yet.

What meds did you get for your Crohns that seemed to help?
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What are you taking the omeprazole for, can you stop taking it for a while? It gives me horrendous joint pains such that I cannot walk and painkillers just didn't touch it.
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Hi Beth, I take omeprazole as I also have a hiatus hernia. If I stop this tablet I get the most horrendous acid reflux and can be sick, which can then bring on a flare up.

I'm fed up going to the doctor just to be told "it's your crohns". Been getting that for years so glad I found this forum

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