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Contraception & Conceiving

Hey, 2 questions really,

1. Does anyone know any good contraception? I have been on the combined pill, which it didn't really agree with me. Whenever I had D the pill would just go out of my system and then trying to remember to take it, was another issue. I also had the injection, but that made me bleed for ages, like having a constant period. Then being anemic the bleeding made me 10 x worse.

2. I am only 20, so not ready for children yet, but is it true that with having Crohns Disease, it is hard to have a child? I'd like to know just for the future.

Many Thanks xxxxx
I have had Crohns Disease for 6 years now

Medication: Pentasa 2 sachets 3 x a day
Azathioprine 2 tablets once a day

Had an operation which removed 6cm of my bowel and been in remission ever since
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The patch is a good option, but not if you are sensitive to estrogen. You wear one patch for a week and its absorbed into your skin, so it doesnt matter how your bowels are behaving. There is also condoms and spermacide, or a diaphragm and spermacide for non hormonal methods. Vaginal contraceptive film is another option. I wouldnt recommend an IUD because the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease.

As long as you are in remission then you should have no issues getting pregnant when you want to.
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I LOVE LOVE LOVED the Nuvaring. It's lower hormones because it's continuously released. I also had a hard time remembering when to take my pills, so it was super convenient. You insert it, leave it for 3 weeks, take it out for a week, then insert a new one for 3 more weeks, etc etc. I never had any issues with it feeling weird or falling out either. Two of my other girlfriends also tried it on my recommendation and both love it!

On the getting PG part, I stopped using the Nuvaring on May 18th and conceived on May 31st. At the time I was on Prednisone (30mg), Remicade infusions and Pentasa (2 pills 4 x a day). I think everyone's body is different, and I did read alot about how Crohn's could make it harder to concieve, but it's not a definite thing.

Good luck finding BC that works for you!!
Jenn in Austin, TX
Diagnosed September 2010

Mother of One Beautiful Baby Boy 2/27/12!
Remicade Infusions x 6 weeks
Pentasa 2 500mg capsules x 2 times daily
Prenatal vitamins & Saccharomyces boulardii (Florastor)
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Hey . . .
I live in the UK so not sure how much of this transfers. I tried pills but can't absorb more often than not so kinda pointless. Then I got a mirena coil, some places argue about the medico-legal issues around giving them to people so young but, pick a different clinic, people will do it! They are a pain for about 6 months with random bleeding etc BUT then I have 4 1/2 years of nothing
I now have an implant (or microchip), its good thus far, no problems, same hormone as injections BUT with the injection they have to give you loads, this stuff drip feeds.
Definately have something to control your cycles-even when I'm well, I find I get tummy symptoms one week in 4, with a long term device in place, that doesn't happen!
Best! xxx

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