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Hi all

I'm new to this sort of thing, but I see there are lots of people in the same boat. I've just been prescribed Methotrexate after a horrible experience with imuran. If I took imuran, within 2 hours I started throwing up until there was blood - YUK. Anyone got any insight on metho? Googled it and side effects already scare me. Already had 1 re-section and don't really want another.
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I just started methotrexate not too long ago to treat inflammation in my joints for arthritis and as a double treatment for my Crohn's as well, along with Humira. As long as I stay on schedule with my weekly 1mL shot, and don't do it any days late, I really feel like it does help. However, I'm 25, and I'm starting to lose my hair from it. That's really the only side effect that I've noticed. Hope I helped you!
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I've been on it over a year now, on a maintenance dose now. Still go my hair - but my hairdresser says I have enough hair for 5 people. I do get queasy and the day after the jab I am a bit blah - but a pick up on Sunday and I am ready for work on Monday. I do my jab at Friday 4 pm, and chill out on Sat. Good luck and keep us posted
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