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Skin tag or what?

A couple years ago I went to the dr complaining of little bumps near my rectum. They get irritated sometimes and itch like crazy. My dr at the time said they were just skin tags... but i'm still having trouble with them and they haven't gone away at all and now on top of being itchy they get very moist i guess (sorry for the gross picture) So, I think that they are releasing some sort of puss or something and that makes me nervous. What could it be? Is it a skin tag like my dr said it was? or what could it be?

It would really mean a lot if anyone who reads this could respond. I'm very nervous
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I don't think skin tags have puss (they can bleed if irritated)... so if there's leaking fluid then they're more likely to be small cysts/boils or something similar. Antibiotic cream helps those, but definitely see a new doctor to confirm. (I don't believe it to be too serious but certainly needs attention.) Take it easy...
good luck.
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Could be hemmerroids(spelling?). I had those and they eventually went away and now I have skin tags. I would look them up and see if they look the same and follow the same symptoms. But do something about it because they can be a real pain! Best of luck
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Just make sure they aren't fistulas. I really doubt your doctor would not have those confused with skin tags but we never know. Have it checked to make sure of what they are. Cause from what you say, if they drain puss on top of looking like they are wet, it could possibly be a perianal fistula, but I am no doctor. Good luck!
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Thank you so much! I don't think they are hemmoroids (Spelling lol) just because they aren't painful when I go to the bathroom and stuff, they just itch and get irritated sometimes and then fluid leaks and the area becomes very moist. So I'm definitely going to bring it up to my new doctor again and see what she thinks. It could be a cyst or a fistula, so i'll have to bring it up and have her take a look. These kinds of things need to be addressed just in case!
Thanks again for responding!
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Good luck!
If you are worried about it make sure u say, then they are more likely to take it seriously!
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Good luck!

Skin tags usually occur from hemmoroids (spelling???). The skin gets stretched out from the hemmoroid you had in the past and I guess in CD they can get really itchy and hard.
Thanks, Denise

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I have skin tags, I had them and have the Mother of all skin tags near to my anus. It does not hurt, but looks unsightly (who sees it anyway)
Here's a webpage from the UK NHS that may be of some interest.


Good luck my friend

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