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Hey, Just looking to see if anyone has got any tips in regards to getting fitness back after having surgery?

I had an emergency resection in april and then an ilestomy in july. I came home at the end of july but since then i've done a bit of swimmin and a lot of walking. But never exerted myself to an extent. But tonight after getting fed up of all my mates going to play the weekly game of football (soccer to the americans amongst us.... ;-) ) I decided enough was enough and I was gonna give it a go. Not my brightest idea. Lasted about 2 minutes before i could hardly breathe, had to come off the pitch and started wretching so spent the next hour watching from the sidelines. I had a feeling that after 4 months in hospital i may be struggling for fitness but nothing prepared me for that! How can i get my fitness back without doing to much that will lose weight? I know i should really be building up slowly, and was probably a bit foolish to just jump straight in at the deep end like i did but its so frustrating. and im worried if i start working out on treadmills and cross trainers that ill start losing weight when im desperately trying to gain.
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If you're so inclined, do this for ten days. After ten days we can evaluate how you feel and continue to add from there. Start slow and we can get you to a point where you're getting a great, beneficial workout.
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I did the "couch to 5k" (look it up on line, its a really good program) over the summer and I was the same as you and could barely breathe at first. But now I have run 3 5ks and coach boths of my sons soccer teams, I played all of my life up through high school, so just being on the field, even with the little ones is amazing!!!! Good luck
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I did a yoga dvd to get more supple and build up my core muscles. I also did a bit of skipping, it will certainly get your anaerobic respiration in better shape, + its good for coordination and building up your upper body + it can be done at home. I just bought a rubber skipping rope for about 7 and you only need 5-10mins at the most per session
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I was in a similar situation, my body reacted badly to the roid OD they gave me in january . . . my friend is a personal trainer and does this 30 day plan, I think he calls it a 'fatloss' . . . for me I actually put on muscle mass!
It is bodyweight so you really don't need any equipment or anything. He blogs and posts new moves and stuff all the time, its exercise that uses actual muscles and strengthens muscles you need, not just the ones that look good
his website is www.spidercise.com theres a bodyweight blueprint on there you can download for free. If you can get over the appauling grammar on the website its really good!!
I'll link you on facebook . . . like I said, he's a really good friend of mine so is pretty up with CD, drop him a message if theres moves you find too hard physically and I'm certain he'll get back to you with an alternative

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