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waiting/ scope test

I have been here for 2 hours already and just now got in my gown and on the gurney .... but I was just told there are 2 others ahead of me. Sheeeesh I hate this! Its like a factory line of G.I. scope tests and I bet my doctor won't be looking up at my face long enough to remember who I am.
I have a rectum that is about 5 inches long. A stump that gives me nothing but trouble. Bleeding and cramping every day. My colostomy will never be reversed nor do I want a pouch or anything. The doctor is doing a scope to look for reason for bleeding. I know this is gonna hurt.....
I would like to get rid of all this rectum problems cause it is enough dealing with the crohns everyday you know? I just wanted to vent.....
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Ugh, I hate the waiting game. It just gives you more time to build up worry and anxiety.

I hope the procedure goes well (crossing my fingers it won't be painful!) and you get some answers. Good luck!

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good luck! i find waiting in the scope line amusing.
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Can't they remove it? I mean the recovery from removing it isn't great and I should know as my poor bum wound is aching right now. But at least once it's healed, that's it. Sounds better than what you have to go through! Hope it goes ok!

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Oh dear,

The scope line. Good times!! (joking) I myself am going back in for another colonoscopy in 12 days. This is a good reminder to bring something to amuse and distract me while I wait in the line.
I hope all goes well with your scope. Its completely valid to feel anxious and frustrated about these issues. But the sooner you recieve results, the sooner you can treat them appropriately. And then hopefully start feeling much better. We are here with you..

Take care
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I was in the scope line on Monday. I was getting a sigmoidoscopy done and they didn;t know what papers I had to sign so I ended up backed up in the line. I had my fiance alking and joking with me which made things go by quicker.

My last scope I remember having to go to the bathroom really bad before my scope after I was all hooked up and ready to go(not to mention I had no warning of when my scope was, they just wheeled my bed down to the scoping area) So I started getting up trying to figure out how to make it to the bathroom without the nurses getting mad that I left when one walked over and notcied. She unhooked me and I scampered off and came back. Waiting by myself just made me nervous so I hope to never do that again..
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Well after all that waiting it didn't go well and I have to do it again in 2 weeks. This time I got the earliest appt. And I go first in line. I am so scared of having my rectum removed. I have read so many horror stories of never healing wounds and terrible pain. I guess I am just being a baby about it. I have had many belly surgeries and they don't scare me at all anymore. But I had a minor surgery years ago for a fistula. The doc. knicked the main artery and thatnight I was in the e.r. with major hemorrhaging. What a disaster that was! Anyway I guess I am venting again. Thanks guys for your o
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Why didn't it go well? What happened? Good luck woth everything and hopefully it gets worked out soon. I go in for my scope on Dec. 16th at 830am. Merry Christmas! *sticks tube up butt*
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Oh Iari! All over again you have to go thru the scope. Forget the scope it's the bloody prep that sucks! I'm sooo sorry!

What happened luv??
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The doc wants more biopsies. When he finally got around to me last time he had an emergency from the Guy before me.... I think I should be losing my confidence in him don't ya think? He didn't get to the rectum part and he wants that done. The good part is I don't have to do any prep for this. I was just in the hospital a few weeks ago for acute pancreatitis. I wish I had it all done then but he was on vacationat the time. My timing stinks!

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