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I hate being bloated! bloated that I look pregnant! Hate hate hate this!

Anyone else get like this?
Thanks, Denise

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Hi Denise - Yes, I think we have all been there before. Bloating is the worst when the rest of ya is skinny and your belly really sticks out! Most of us Crohnie's have several sizes in our closet for skinny days, for pred days, for bloated days, etc.

My go-to outfit is a loose dress with leggings. Fits when I am 120 pounds, fits when I am 140 pounds, comfortable, conceals a lot.

Hang in there!! - Amy
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I have this problem. There really isn't a day where I don't look pregnant. It's really disheartening, especially since I've had so many surgeries and nothing has changed. I wish I could get my money back.
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My Support Groups: too. Hate looking like I have a huge gut, when all it is is inflammation and gas some days I have such a complex about it. Reading others say they don't want to get out and about because of gas, helps. I don't want to be a hermit, but I hate using public toilets... The noise, gas and smell... I just hate to think what the ladies in the adjoining toilets must think. Even friends places, and when I'm REALLY bloated, id rather not even run down to the shop for milk. So yep, I hear ya :/
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I am finally at an age where people know I am not pregnant! Plus I have more cushion than most people with Crohn's. I just get this huge protruding belly! So yes I can relate and hate it!
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Meh as well,Lol. I have to constantly tell my coworkers...nope not pregnant but just bloated. I finally told one of my good buddies at the daycare I work at about my crohns the other day. Until then its almost been a year, ive been hiding it from my coworkers and boss. Been very hard, but I feel like if they know ill be labeled with a disease:/ that's also not so pretty ugh.
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Girl you know it!! Prego I'm not but look it a lot! I eat once a day...if that because, well food hurts me and I swell up to pregnant size. I'm talking 6 months at times. I hate it!!! When I can't button my work pants.....depressing. Hang in there baby girl. It'll pass but then it'll come back. Lol Enjoy it when it passes!!! One tip I can give ya though that seems to help me is NO CAFFIENE, NO CARBONATION and NO NUTS AND POPCORN!! I cut all that out. I'm still bloated but NOTHING like I was before.
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I find cutting out bread helps me to not be bloated.
I'm back on the Pred now and my appetite is WAY over what it should be.. today I have pigged out and I hate it. I can't wait to get off the Pred.. I'm getting married in a few weeks and really don't want tons of Pred weight haunting me in photos for the rest of my life.

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I've always been hungry. I don't think I look preggers and I'm bloated and gassy a lot! I'm 5'11" and 159 lbs right now.....gonna try to go down to 145 like I used to be but people always comment on how thin I am. Never been on any crohns meds except Lialda. One time a woman said wish I could be that skinny then her husband was like "Do you want Crohns honey?" Then she began saying noo nooo nooo I'd never want that. I'm standing there and I'm like yeah it's bad so be happy your healthy! What people say in front of you when you have crohns that find out about it :/ ehhh....

Sometimes I'll think I have pudge to lose but then people are like what pudge? Most people I know are short short and weigh 180 or more!

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