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babies and crohns

hello every one i hope every one is doing well
just some quick questions, i hope not too personal.
if you have had children are they showing symptoms?
how quickly did they show symptoms?
did you breastfeed?
did you carry to full term?
just curious, i'm trying to get my head around whether or not i should breastfeed. i had a flare up at 23 weeks and spent some time in hospital, had a mri showing that i have fusing of part of my ilium and was put onto 40 mg daily of prednisolone some say i should and then some say i shouldn't just to minimise the risk of passing it to the baby (27 weeks preg). i had a really scary conversation with a lady that has crohns and breastfed.
any experiences would be a great to help me.

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I couldn't breastfeed my son because I had complications during delivery and was awY from him for almost a week. He is 3 now and has no signs of digestive issues.
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I have had 4 children, they are ages 8,6,5,4, they are are pretty healthy, I had them all tested at birth and each year with their blood work, nothing for Crohns has cme back. However, my daughter 8, about every 2 years get blocked up and has to get medicine to clean out her bowels, then she is perfectly fine, she never has any other signs, so we are just watching her. My 6 year old has been diagnosed since he was 18 months old with Celiac Disease (Gluten Allergy) but that is pretty easy to handle, no meds, just change in diet. the 5 and 4 years old have had no problems. So we keep our fingers crossed!!!! and to the breast feeding, I didnt breast feed bc of the meds I am on, I didnt want to even chance passing on meds to my baby. My Crohns was amazing when I was pregnant and didnt have to take meds, so I was lucky. My only problem was that my chronic anemia was horrid. Also I carried all of my children full term and other than blood transfusions for my anemia had no problems. hope this gives you some info. Shannon
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My daughter is 13months, no signs or syptoms of problems.....We haven't tested her for anything, because i'm not diagnosed, so I doubt they would if I wanted!! I breastfed, and it actually helped to keep things under control for me! Very little D while I was BF'ing.
Currently awaiting an answer to my multitude of symptoms.....

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