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Adhesion-Related Obstruction

I do not have Crohn's but have GI problems that have caused bowel obstructions. These obstructions are all a result of adhesions.
Do any of you get more partial or full obstructions because of your previous surgeries creating adhesions as opposed to the Crohn's necessitating surgery?
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to the forum. How can you not have IBD and have adhesions and bowel obstructions. Have you seen a Gi who specialises in IBD? The answers is yes, I have had scar tissue built up and it started from flaring. I would seek a second opinion before someone operates. What country are you from? My here to give their opinions we have a knowledgable crew here but we are not doctors. Glad you joined us.
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Good question - I was born with a birth defect where my intestines were outside of my body. They did surgery to repair this, but the months that my intestines spent in the amniotic fluid, combined with the surgery, led to extensive scar tissue. When I was growing up I always had horrible abdominal cramps and diarrhea, but never thought I had a real GI illness... until I got my first obstructions when I was 16. I then had recurrent partial obstructions until I switched surgeons. He put me on a low-fiber diet permanently and I havent had many problems since... but at the same time I know that my doctor said my adhesions are horrible - my intestines are stuck in there like concrete and dont move well.

I am in the US - all of my surgeons have always said that everytime they operate on me, that I will be worse off most likely. I don't see my surgeon anymore though, since I haven't had a major problem in a year or two so thats why I thought I'd seek opinions here.
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Wow, that is fascinating. Is that a common birth defect? I have never heard of it.

Some peope here have stricturplasty - to stretch out strictures. I don't know if the same thing can be done for areas with adhesions.

Good luck, I hope you can find a good resolution that will lead to less worries about the obstructions.

- Amy
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I've heard of organs growing outside the body, but I don't think it's common. My husband had intestinal problems at birth that required surgery (incomplete rotation of the intestines, whatever that means). He has no lasting effects from it, though. Well, other than the staph infection he contracted during that surgery that ate his hip socket and required a total hip replacement at age 23.
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Sorry you're going through this Shyloh! I have partial obstructions related to Crohn's inflammation and strictures inside of my small bowel due to CD. I've had surgery 3 times and each time I've been warned that I will probably have adhesions on the outside of my bowel due to surgery but I really didn't have a choice. I do think that every time you get cut open, you change and it's a big risk. I also know how awful partial obstructions can feel. I hope you're able to find an answer that works for you. How many obstructions do you get a year? I was averaging about 6 and I was just so warn down from them that I elected surgery. I just couldn't hack the pain any more.
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Organs outside the body aren't too common. My birth defect can be found in most major hospitals though, as far as I know... it is pretty uncommon though - I've never met anyone else who had it!

I had 2 complete obstructions in a row, which required surgery. I've had partial obstructions my whole life - who knows how many times, but now that I'm on the low fiber diet, I almost never have problems. This doesn't mean that I am free from obstruction - just means I've reduced the bulky and hard to digest foods, which keeps me from experiences symptoms. I know that it will get worse as I get older though, which is why I'm keeping my eye out for clinical trials that look into elective-adhesiolysis or something. Right now I don't have symptoms though, so I couldn't go to my surgeon and complain, really.
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I am new at this forum and I do not have Crohans but suffer obstructions due to an undiagnosed ruptured appendix with resulting surgery. After surgery was on Subdue and this helped me thru a very trying time. Has anyone used this elemental liquid as I have had recurring obstructions and am now pregnant feel that I should be back on Subdue for a while at least. Does anyone have alternates to this feed
Thanks for your help
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I have partial obstructions due to stricturing from my crohns, but last May had a complete obstruction due to adhesions. I have CD for 20 years, the obstruction was probably the most painful event. My guts are full of adhesions, I've had four resections and two c-sections. I just got out of hospital day before thanksgiving for a pretty severe flare. Still having a great deal of pain. Between the inflammation, the adhesions and a leaking ovarian chat, I just can't win. Back on the big P, which I hate, we just don't get along. Most can sympathize, I'm sure. Going back on Humira. I just moved up here in Michigan so ghaving to get used to my new GI.
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I've got partially obstructed areas as a result of abdominal adhesions surrounding my small intestines from several previous surgeries not related to bowel disease.
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I have had several different surgeries for UC which was later diagnosed as CD. My last surgery for Crohns was 8 years ago which was to create an Ileoanal Pouch. Had several years where things werent too bad then everything got really bad after I gave birth to my son. I started suffering from Small Bowel Obstructions which after a year of this 2-4 times a week and god knows how much IV morphine they finally operated. So in November last year they performed a Laparotomy and Adhesiolysis.

I hoped this would be the end of my suffering and It has definitely improved. Unfortunately I am still suffering from Obstructions caused by Adhesions. They have said there is nothing more they can do as I am clearly just prone to Adhesions which form round my small bowel and so the more they operate the more they form again.

I'm sorry I cant be more upbeat!

My suffering now is not Crohns Disease at all but is from obstructions caused by adhesions in my abdomen.

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