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Flares and Depression

For those of you who have IBD and depression, do you notice a depression cycle in conjunction with flares? Do you think it's perhaps brought on being sick, or maybe vitamin deficiencies from your flare? Thanks for your thoughts.
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I'm sure its quite possible. It can even be brought on by the medications we take. Its hard keeping yourself well when you're depressed so when you see the signs of depression, do you best to get it under control before it gets out of hand because we need that mental strength to get ourselves back into remission (to make appointments and go to them, to refill our meds and take them etc). I've been in remission for many years and I still fight with depression off and on. Recently for me, I haven't noticed a connection for flares and vitamin deficiency being a direct link to my depression but I know it played a part back when I was having flares.
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Sawdust, I feel exactly the same way during my current flare. When you can't think straight, move properly and spend half the day in the bathroom, it's tough not to get depressed. I don't know specifically if it is the deficiency or the flare itself, but it is definitely Crohn's related. The best thing to do is to find yourself some 'happy' music that brings a smile to your face. For me it's usually the Grateful Dead, haha.
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My B12, D, and iron stores were low, and are recently coming back into range with supplements, but holy cow am I wiped. I'm not sure whether one has to do with the other or not, but it sure got my attention. tx Crabby and Jersey.
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very much so. Use to think i had chronic depression but now i am pretty sure it was crohn's all along. a week before i had my first inflamation symptom i finally had gone to a psychiatrist. his meds didn't help but iron and all my crohn's meds sure has.
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