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How commonly do you have blood when you have a BM and in what form do you find it?
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I'm curious to know if mine is more uncommon and worth worrying about than I thought. I always kind of assumed that it was a standard thing with crohn's but when I have a flare up I'll usually have a small amount of fresh blood on my tissue. A few times I've sort of dripped blood after a BM. I'm not seeing a doctor currently so it's not really possible to have it checked out unless it's really bad.
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Had one dump of blood a couple weeks after starting LDN. Have not had any since.
Before that it was about a once a month or less occurrence. Have not had any more big D either unless I eat like a half pound of bacon or some other eating binge that would give it to anyone.

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Well, if your IBD is a form of colitis, AND you're inflammation is well developed, and spread over a sizable area of your colon... then seeing blood in your stool is likely

The brighter N redder it appears, then that is generally a good indication that it is closer to the rectum. However, bleeding can occur further up the GI tract, so far up that the colour of the blood can change, perhaps not even be recognized as blood. A dark, almost tarry stool is a rule of thumb indication that bleeding is happening hi up... way up in the ileum, duodenum, perhaps even stomach.

Problem is... that dark, tarry blood may be from an ulcer; and that bright, red blood could be from internal hemmerhoids. Bearing in mind that I'm no doctor, I'd suggest that bleeding indicates one needs to be very careful of their diet; and to avoid/limit fibre, hi residue foods, anything with pits, stones, seeds, etc..

Another thing... IF you are bleeding, make sure your doctor is aware AND kept aware... My docs (cause way back when my 'first' scope showed very mild IBD) dismissed my 'claims' initially about my blood loss (after all, what did I know..) SOOOO, I resorted to taking digital photos of my bloodloss, showed my docs, that got me another scope, that showed that I needed a bowel resection PDQ!
Docs are human too. They can and do make assumptions. Sometimes they err!

I was bleeding daily. Nothing seemed to work. Was hospitalized many times. At one point, placed in an IBD ward, the old hands advised me to smoke. That controlled the bleeding. I'm not advocating smoking... but if nothing else has an effect, perhaps beg/borrow or steal a trans dermal nicotine patch N try it. I now CAN'T quit smoking... three doctors N my current GI advise against it. The problem is that this cure for bleeding CAN N WILL kill me, sooner or later. And it is one of the most addictive substances, and one of the hardest addictions to break.

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I figured this one out. It's an anal fissure. Basically, an ulcer formed in my rectum. It should heal after a couple weeks.

Here's an example:

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