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My son is three now but i was just wondering if anyone else had (Preeclampsia) toxemia when they were pregnant? Im not sure if it has anything to do with crohns??
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I had it with my first child, who is now 13. I wasn't diagnosed then, but the thought has gone through my mind.

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I recently read that Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) deficiency (not uncommon in people with IBD) makes you 4.7 times more likely to have preeclampsia when pregnant.
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No issues with that while I was pregnant.....actually, I was darned healthy while pregnant!

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I wasnt diagosed when I had my children but had no problems with preeclampsia either.

Actually I had quite easy pregnancies followed by uneasy births (both kids were born via c-section)
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Thanks David... Ill have to look into that. I still need to do my blood work to see how far off i am on my vitamins. My last visit to the Dr. went way way wrong so i didnt get a chance to ask.

Kamdyn was born via C-Section also and recovery took a lot longer than most people. But they may be a me thing and not a crohns thing. Sometimes i cant tell the difference...
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I had a planned c-section (due to fistulas) - was in the hospital for 3-4 days then home....no complications from that surgery or recovery....
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I had preeclampsia with my son and he is the one with Crohn's. My stomach has given me trouble for years though and I had an autoimmune reaction (transverse myelitis) last year that may very well have been because of vitamin deficiency. I now take Vit D, and B12 and both of my kids get vitamins.
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No preeclampsia...easy pregnancy...esy...ish birth. I say easyish because he came out rather quickly but then had trouble breathing and was taking to the special care nursery. I hadtrouble clotting afterward (his head was really big and I had to be cut and then he ripped me further) I was kept on potocin to help clot but after a couple of hours they were able to take me off it and I healed normally and the next night little one was back with me.
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I had preeclampsia when I was pregnant. I was able to manage it on bedrest and my son was born at 37 weeks 4 days. I had flared so bad while pregnant, and also had hyperemises that I was so bummed when I was diagnosed with pre-e
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Ugh, great...something else to worry about!!!

My hubby and I are going to start TTC around June-ish, so I'm finally doing some research on CD & pregnancy. Its scaring the be-jezus out of me!! lol

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Preeclampsia is more common with first babies and boys, for some reason. I know some people who follow the Brewer Diet to try to prevent preeclampsia. It's important to get plenty of protein and eggs. http://www.drbrewerpregnancydiet.com/id96.html
I'm not endorsing it, but putting it there for your consideration.
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How strange, Mapper! I developed preeclampsia when I went into labor with my first, a boy. I was in remission throughout my pregnancy, and he was born healthy. He did have very bad colic and had to be put on a special formula (I did too when I was an infant).

He's 8 now and beginning to complain that his tummy hurts or that he has the bad poops. I hope it's not IBD
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holy cow!

Mine was my only and a boy and he also had colic... and so did i as a baby (very bad actually)

He is only 3 and he has acid reflux problems i havent taken him to the dr just yet but i let him have papaya enzymes and that seems to help.

Good God i pray that he never has this problem.
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As far as I remember from Nursing School there is no relation to preeclampsia and CD directly.
What David said does actually make some sense. I'll scoop some of my old papers and look into it.
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