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travelling tips

hi guys, does anyone have any good tips for coping with crohns while travelling, ill be flying for around 23 hours next week and id appreciate tips
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no but have a great holiday , avoid fizzy pop 12 hours b4 ((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))
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I would recommend bringing your own food on the plane, and if possible get seated next to the washroom. I know that is not the best seat, but it will definately make things more comfortable. Also ensure you are on the outside (aisle) seat, and if you are not you should really be able to ask someone to accomodate you.
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Know what is in your food (If you have to bring your own on the flight, so be it) because they put all sorts of fillers in the airplane food. Make sure you eat foods that agree with you and relax Also getting an aisle seat is a good idea.
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bring your own HUGE bottle of water, dont drink any alcohol, or pop on the plane... bring your own "safe" foods to snack on so your not starved for the yuck food they will give out.. daydream about your destination as much as posible, and have a great great time. lol
good luck Steph... its the best adventure ever, and Im thrilled for you.
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dont drink alcohol!!! i dont think ill be able to control myself if i dont drink lmao
thanks for the advice
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23 HOURS!!? Crikey where you heading to? Australia, New Zealand? can this be a guessing game?

Take loads of imodium, always does the job for me.

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