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Ouch my hips!

Since I was in high school I've had trouble with my left hip and knee. They ran MRIs and such and only found that my knee became inflammed at one point and lost muscle mass because of it. After the MRI they sat me down said it may have been a torn miniscus that healed and then set me on a coarse of physcal therapy.

Now that I'm getting older I'm noticing I'm getting pain again. The pain starts around my left kidney then radiates downward stopping at my hip and knee. Right now it is slightly numb and hurts the most at my hip. Though at any point the pain will be worse at my knee. Today I noticed it made my left butt cheek rather numb which was painful. I'm not sure if it's arthritis...probably not arthritis since it happens on my left side as apposed to both. IDK any thoughts? Tell me I'm a hypocondract(at this point I feel like one)
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You're not being a hypochondriac You'd be a hypochondriac if your doctor told you it was sciatica and you went to 12 other doctors because you were SURE IT WAS CANCER!

It doesn't sound like arthritis to me. Maybe sciatica. I'd certainly bring it up to your doctor next visit and if you're into chiropractors, see one of those after you get the all clear from your MD. A little yoga wouldn't hurt in the meantime.
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