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Good News!

We had Alex' quarterly blood work and check up the other day and he's doing GREAT!

He's gained 11.1 lbs and grew an inch in the last quarter - which means he's gained over 26 lbs since March! I can't get over the change in him.

His inflammation markers were all NORMAL (haven't said that in a while!) the only issues is his iron and vitamin D levels are low - so he's on supplements again.

I'm SO excited for him. I'm going to try and post a picture of him from last year hockey season to this year - the difference is PHENOMENAL! When I got the picture for this year I almost fell over...

So grateful for all the wonderful information and loving support this group provides (even when I'm not responding to things - you do! Thanks!!)

Heart-filled thanks!!!

Mom of Champ (Alex)
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Priesthood Blessings
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Fabulous news!! is a great feeling when all is well. Hope it continues for 2012. all the best. xxxx
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What great news!!! So happy for him and your family!
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Thanks for the fab update Shell! This is soooooo fab to hear!

I feel your excitement hun and it is so deserved! I am so happy for Alex...Onwards and Upwards!

Dusty. xxx
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Thrilled for you all!!!!!!!!!!

You made my day.


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Thanks Shell! A great story to close out 2011!!
Mark, father of EJ

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Fantastic news for Alex and your whole family!! Thanks for posting so we can all shout out a YA HOO!!
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That is just great!! It is lovely to read your good news, and that you share it with everyone. I think it gives everyone a boost.

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So happy for you!! What great news and a great start to 2012!!!! It gives me hope to hear some good news. Prayer for many many more years of health!

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