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Post peri-rectal Abcess treatment/Cimzia

Last week I had to have an incision/drainage of a peri-rectal abcess. Yesterday I saw my GI and he confirmed that the abcess was caused by Crohn's. I was taking only Apriso and B12; now, he wants to add Imuran and Cimzia. I'm nervous about taking Cimzia as I've read about the hepatospenic T-cell lymphoma that is rare but agressive. I've taken Remicade and Humira in the past and read about the possibility of cancer, but the way this condition is talked's almost enough for me to say screw it. Also, my doc suspects that my case of ARF (Acute Renal Failure) was caused by Remicade and Humira caused a steep escalation of migraines (which I've already suffered from for years).

I would appreciate any Cimzia takers stepping up and letting me hear how it works for you or if it doesn't....I want to hear it all. I want the pro's the con's, the good, bad, ugly...all of it. I've even included my hubby in this decision, even though it's my body. I want him to know in case a rare event does happen. I think it's only fair for the both of us to make as informed a decision as possible regarding myself, my health and our family.
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