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Rituals and Habbits?

Has your Crohn's or UC caused you to develop some habits that others wouldn't think of or give a second thought? Since my diagnosis with CD I have:

* Looked around for available restrooms (almost everywhere I go)
* Double checked the stalls for toilet paper.
* Checked my poo (Yuck! Disgusting but I feel I need to know)
* keep extra underwear and slacks at work
* Worry occasionally that I won't make it to the restroom, or that I'll throw-up in front of others. I hate those worries!
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Oh yeah. Every single one you have listed, I deal with too. I also keep an emergency supply of underwear in the glove box of each vehicle. And in each handbag...each backpack...you get the picture
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The first thing i do when i go into a new place is check to see where the restrooms are, and definitely check things when i have a bm. I can tell you where the cleanest bathrooms are, and who has the softest toilet paper where i live. It definitely interesting the way we get to look at things.
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everything you said Andi, plus I compulsively use TP. I use a LOT. I'm really paranoid about not being 100% perfectly clean, especially when explosive D hits...
even when I have a normal bathroom experience, I still use like 15 rounds of toilet paper.
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My ritual is to log on to www.crohnsforum.com every single day.

Plus I talk about UC or CD way too often. Bad habit.

I also will pick sesame seeds off of hamburger buns at restaurants.

Dx'd with Psoriasis in 1993
Dx'd with Psoriatic Arthritis in 2004
Dx'd with Ulcerative Colitis on May 18, 2011

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I am also a compulsive wiper, I don't even have diarrhoea much, but I always wipe my bum even if I just have a wee!
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I can relate to all of the above posts!!! I am glad I am not the only one!!!
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I HAVE to know where every toilet is no matter where I go. My family and boyfriend are fantastic with this, they've picked up the habit themselves teehee. I'm also well known among family and friends as a bit of a walking toilet/bathroom refedex - I know where they are, how many stalls they have, if they need a key, if you need to BYO toilet paper etc.
I also check my poop and wipe way too much (usually resulting in a sore bum)
~ Nicci

"Never feel guilty for being sick and try to stop comparing yourself and your life to others. You're doing the best you can under the circumstances you have and you're doing great."

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Just thought of something else I do...if I am at home and have to poop, I will hold out until I am ready for my nightly shower. Doesn't matter if that's 5 hours away. Showering directly afterward is the only way you can really be sure

Oh and if I'm staying at someone's place for a few days, or on vacation I can literally hold out from pooing for up to a week (which I have done on more than 1 occasion). I have an iron ability to hold it in. It's really not healthy.

sorry keep realizing / remembering abnormal stuff I do...
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Triple checking the stall for a good supply of toilet paper
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OMG! How can you all hold it in like that? I can't hold it for more than about 5 seconds! Before CD, I would never use a public restroom. Now, don't care! I could (and have) pulled over on the side of the highway and crapped in a field. Yeah, I know, TMI.

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