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Just a quick question, hope ive put this in the right place.

I am currently bleeding from my backside, fresh red blood and i have been checked for piles an there are none. I was wondering what the heck it can be? has anyone ever had the same? My GP thinks I need the camera again any advise would be great!
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Fresh blood, when not caused by piles or a fissure, is very common with/typical of ulcerative colitis but can happen with Crohns disease too. Have you got a diagnosis yet? What did the camera show the first time they had a look?
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It could be Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's Colitis. Are you on any meds?
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Pathology showed UC instead of Crohn's.

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Cheers I've had cameras three times nothing was said but two weeks ago I started bleeding gastro nurse said it could be piles get gp to check he has had a look nothing there and I've tried anusol not working still loads of red fresh blood when I go

I have constant pain in the bottom area and having loads of cramps don't know if they are related. Currently on pred and been taken off aza and 6mp due to making me flare

I was dx with small bowel crohns

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