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Crohn's and IVF

I've found out that I have Crohn's in June 2010. Before that I went through an IVF cycle and I miscarried. After I found out, I had another IVF cycle (without being on medication) and I again I miscarried.
At the beginning of December 2010 I had a bad flare-up and I ended in hospital. They put me on Prednisone and Pentasa.
The doctor's plan is to continue with Entocort when I'll be finishing with Predinosone (tapering 5 mg Predinosone every week) and also continue taking Pentasa (2mg/day).

Now, I'm starting to fell better, no symptoms, sometimes just a bit of a discomfort on the right side and nothing else.
I have to mention that I also have a stricture at the terminal ileum. Would the stricture cause me to much trouble if I'm going to get pregnant this year?

I'm thinking to try for a baby again this year. Has anyone else with Crohn gone through an IVF? What types of medications were safe?


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