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Im in the uk and for the MTX I have a homecare provider who will deliver bypassing the GP and Hosp for getting the injections. Does anyone else use this service?
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I have a homecare service for enteral nutrition.
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I have homecare for my abscess packing. If you ever listen to anything I say, listen to this. MAKE SURE you set a schedule for them to come. I HATE that they just call me and say "I'm on my way, I'll be there shortly" Sometimes they come early morning, sometimes late at night, and I have no idea. I even told them I need them to come at a certain time and they still showed up randomly.
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I have the same arrangement for Humira, but I self inject. Mine is provided by HealthCare at Home and the process is very professional. Registered Nurse is the normal point of contact for ordering or advice. If I've not ordered within a couple of days of when they think I should, they phone me. Deliveries to my work address as I'm out all day and the drugs need to go in the fridge on receipt. They always phone within a couple of hours of a delivery being made to check if everything is ok. New sharps box delivered and the old one picked-up when required. On one occasion there was a problem with them getting the prescription via the Hospital pharmacy, but my contact managed to sort it all out with a couple of phone calls rather then me having to chase things down.

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