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Working out with crohns

Lately ive been heading down to the gym to try to get more muscular but currently im taking prednisone, which gives me energy but at the same time lots of cramps and stiffness. Is it a good idea to work out for people with crohn's disease?
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It's always a good idea to exercise, unless you have a specific reason not to (such as lifting weights with a hernia). Some people find the stress of exercise makes their disease worse, but unless you experience that there shouldn't be a problem. In most people exercise is a form of stress relief rather than a stressor.
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And you need to keep your body as fit as possible so that it can help you fight the disease. You will quickly find out how much is too much and be prepared to back off, if necessary.
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I always worked out while on prednisone, I've been on it 3 years and have been lifting weights and participating in sports the whole time. Unfortunately prednisone is a catabolic steroid which is the complete opposite of bodybuilding steroids - it makes you lose muscle and add fat. So you/we have to work a lot harder and eat a lot more protein than other people to get the same results. At high doses of prednisone, forget about it, you won't gain any muscle. But at least you can help keep what you have!

If you're in the US get yourself some Juven from the drugstore with the ingredient HMB.. it counteracts the effects of muscle wasting that you get with prednisone. Its over the counter but doctors prescribe it for people with chronic diseases involving muscle wasting (cancer, AIDS etc). Tastes great too! I always stockpile when I travel to the states. Can't buy it in Canada.

PS: When I was first put on prednisone and was at a really high dose, the energy and aggression it gave me made me unbeatable in sports. In that respect it was almost like the 'other' steroids, so I loved that part. And telling people off was pretty satisfying for a change too, usually I'm pretty mild mannered.

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