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3 Days Post Op - Investigative Lap

I had an investigative lap to see if I had intestinal endometriosis. I was told that I have no endo etc.

I am beyond frustrated, dazed and confused that the only explanation is IBS. The ammi didn't work as I was still having episodes of D. I still have C issues, gas pains, LRQ pain, stabbing pain etc. I have ironically gained weight and can't do most daily tasks.

I am slowly losing my mind!!!!!!!
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Ouch, you must be at wits end! I know the typical symptoms and I clearly think you have IBD. Good thing it aint Endo. Periods are bad for me and everyone thinks it is endo well it aint and I should be in menopause by now...can just see me know being 90 years old with a bloody cart full of pads lol. I hate periods! Hand in there, the results will come. Did they take a biopsy?
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I am going to assume he took biopsies as he wants to see me in 4 weeks. To be honest, when he told me everything was fine I cried like a baby so I have no idea what he said after. I thought it was interesting that as I was leaving the hospital I was getting the same sharp stabbing pains like before. The only thing left to check is my small intestine but I don't think I can handle anymore tests for a while. I am physically and emotionally drained! And beyond depressed
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Ellipse, I'm so sorry to hear that you've hit another dead end. I haven't had a laprascopy, but I can certainly relate to the frustration of having one "normal" test result after another. You mentioned they haven't yet checked your small intestine - so I'm assuming that means you haven't had the pill cam? I know you said you're drained and can't handle any more tests right now, but when you are ready to start again, that would be the one to have. Good luck at your appointment in a few weeks.
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I saw my GP today and when I discussed my IBS diagnosis and the Ammi not working she offered no other suggestions other than to see my GI again. I will be calling my GI tomorrow to discuss my upcoming appt and to see if he can prescribe something other than Ammi. At least if he can give me a script I can see how it works (if at all) between now and my appt with him later next month!

Thanks Cat
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Hi, ellipse. I am sorry your most recent testing didn't offer any explanation to what's going on with your health.

I agree with Cat, it is time to investigate your small intestine. I am surprised you haven't already. I understand you need a break from the testing, but the pill cam is the easiest one! I highly suggest pursuing this test.

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I am still sick and so confused...
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I am sorry, too. I was so hoping you'd get some answers from your lap. Hopefully you're GI will let you get the pill cam done.


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Hi Jill sorry to hijack this thread but I was looking at your signature an was wondering how you were diagnosed an then y they retracted the diagnosis ? Pm if u want x
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Waiting for fist appointment at pain clinc I hope it helps !
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ellipse22, I have nothing to add, I just wanted offer up emotional support
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