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Saw the doc today to get results from the pillcam. Showed inflammation in the duodenum. Says its probably just IBS! Says there is no reason that I should be in pain.

When he pushed on my belly in the lower right, I about fell off the table in so much pain. He's sending me for a CT scan on Friday. If that comes back normal, then he's starting me on Bentyl and will see me in a month.

I'm so upset I don't know if I should scream, cry or just give up.

I know it takes many people a very long time to get a correct diagnosis, but I just thought today was going to be the day.
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I'm so sorry to hear this. I can totally relate, my pill cam came back 100% normal, it didn't even see any inflammation. Did your doctor have any explanation besides IBS for the inflammation in your duodenum? IBS does NOT cause inflammation so you might want to consider getting a copy of the images from your pill cam and getting a second opinion on them.

I was given Bentyl too at one time (actually the generic version of it, Dicyclomine) and it didn't do much of anything for me. With the pain you described, I would imagine it won't do much for you either. It's an anti-spasmodic, which means it'll quell some of the cramping, but that's about it. When they made me go on Bentyl, I made it clear that I didn't want to, so they told me I only had to try it for 3 days and then I could try other meds if it didn't work. It didn't, so then I tried prednisone which worked wonders.

Best of luck on the CT scan. I really hope it gets you some answers so you can get some relief. Unfortunately you are right, it does take some of us a long time to get answers. It's been over 2 years for me now and I'm still fighting for a diagnosis, (although my GI and GP have both said unofficially that they think it's IBD, but they have no evidence except for my symptoms and what meds I respond to - all my test results have been "normal" as well). Hang in there! It's okay to scream and cry, but don't give up. Keep fighting!
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Oh hun that really sucks Altough surely inflammation anywhere is not good?? A small plus that a scan is being done, at least he hasn't patted you on the head and sent you on your way just yet... When will you next see him to get the results of the CT?

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Every scope Ive had shows duodenitis infact it was my 1st ever symptom I had prior to suffering any crohns symptoms. They treated it with a course of Nexium and it doesn't really give me any trouble but it was my 1st CT scan that showed the damage to the ileum and I was unofficially diagnosed with crohns. I had to have a load of other tests to confirm it. Besides that any research I read said that duodenitis can be a common symptom on people with IBD so I believe there is a connection. Have your bloods shown any abnormalities? Have you had a colonoscopy? Hope u get some answers soon

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All of my bloods are normal from what I understand.

I'd get a second opinion, but i'm already at my 4th opinion.
GP was first, then the quack GI, then got sent to the "best" in the area and he's now handed me off to the 4th who is in his office.

My next appointment is scheduled for a month from now. I'm guessing that they will be calling me to tell me the results of the CT scan. You can believe that if I don't hear from them, I'll be calling.

I just feel like I'm starting all over again!

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