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How long til it starts working??

Hi there, I went into the hospital about two weeks ago after severe abdominal pain and months of bleeding and I was diagnosed with Crohn's a week ago and prescribed 30 mg of prednisone a day, as well as Asacol. I keep reading that prednisone should show results right away, but a week after taking it I don't see any improvement and I'm getting very worried! I don't have any sort of appetite and get really bad cramps and when I go to the bathroom (20+ times a day/night) it is just blood..I'm sorry if that is gross. I can't get ahold of my doctor to ask about the whether or not the dose/drug is right for me and I can't afford to miss any more school. So I'm wondering if maybe it doesn't work right away and that I should just tough it out? Thanks for any help/reassurance!
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If you can not get hold of doc, ask for another alternative. Best to get someone who is able to give you attention and help address your trouble. If the steroids are not working, you need help. Please pursue it! Your health is too important to write off. good luck!
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Don't worry about posting anything "gross," it kind of comes with the territory, but it's important stuff to talk about.

Prednisone is an excellent drug for treating acute inflammation, and usually does its job well. If you don't see any improvement it could be because your symptoms aren't caused by the inflammation itself, or that you have something else going on preventing the inflammation from healing (such as an abscess).

How were you diagnosed? Have you had any imaging done? Do you know anything about the disease site(s)?

I would definitely try to get a hold of your doctor and let them know you haven't seen any improvement. But I also would try not to worry about it too much until you hear back from them and get some answers. Your doctor knows your case the best and will be best equipped to tell you what's going on.

I hope whatever it is you find a treatment that is effective for you. I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but welcome to the forum.
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Thanks for the fast replies. I think because I can't get ahold of my doctor myself I will go talk to my pharmacist and let him know that the drugs aren't working and he can try contacting my doctor..that is if I can actually leave my house for once!

After many doctor appointments, ER visits, X-rays, CT scans, and blood tests I was given a colonoscopy and the doctor came in after and told me it was Crohn's. He wrote me a prescription for prednisone and asacol and I haven't seen him since. When I called his office they said he wasn't available and that I have an appointment on Feb 1 but I got that moved sooner to Jan 20. I just really don't know how to handle these symptoms until then. I'm up all night long..I think the prednisone wears off by night time for me, and I just keep losing weight. This sure isn't fun!
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MeghanL, welcome to the forum. Dont worry about being gross'd be surprised what we talk about.

Pred is a great drug. But, the longer you've been sick, the longer it can take to get the inflammation under control. Keep at the pred, dont stop it. Dont even wean it down yet. You should have an IBD nurse at the hospital, try giving her a call to let her know you are showing no signs of improvement yet. Keep a diary of your symtoms and how you are feeling as well. How many BM's etc. If you've been sick for quite a while, you may find the pred takes two weeks or more to work.

Do you know what your CRP, and other blood results were?
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It took a full 5 weeks for the Pred. to work for me. I felt just as you are feeling now back in October.

Terriernut is right (pretty sure she always is )...if the disease is severe or advanced it can take longer to help. My doctor finally said to me "Look, you didn't get this sick overnight and you won't get well overnight either" It wasn't fun to hear but did help me feel a little less worried.

Grasping the terribly slow pace of chronic disease treatment isn't least it hasn't been for me!

Hang in there...HUGHS!
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Be firm with getting ahold of your doctor! they are here to help you and work with you, not for you to run around trying to find them. They may need to up your dosage of prednisone and possibly put you on other meds. it is a bunch of trial and error to find what works for you! good luck!
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