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My daughter

Hello parents,

I'm always worried about my girl. She gets tummy aches sometimes. she is very gassy a lot of the time, gets D every so often. Could all be normal stuff. She also gets hiccups a lot. She seems to have low energy also compared to her brother who is skinny as a rail no matter what food he eats and has tons of energy. At what point do I have her tested and what test? I'm stuck between being afraid I'm just paranoid and worrying that she might actually be sick and some treatments might make her life better.
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It's so hard when we're not sure if our worries are justified or not! Because my son's diagnosis is still relatively new, I constantly feel as you do... I feel like a have a few weeks of no real worries and, then, right back to... Normal? No? Yes? Paranoid? No? Maybe? Test? Yes? No? Can drive you crazy! Once you've been affected by Crohns, it seems it's always one tiny step and your mind is there immediately!

Has her rate of growth slowed? Have you noticed signs of EIMs together with the more typical Crohns symptoms? ie. canker sores and diarrhea

I would speak with her doctor and/or your GI and get their opinions regarding tests.

Good luck
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Hey Stinky,

Did you start a diary to track her symptoms?

Do you think things are getting worse since October?

Part of me is thinking this may be the case. Maybe it is time to take her to the doc and start with the basics...weight, height, general checkup and I hate to say but some baseline line bloods but include CRP, ESR, B12, Iron Stores, Folate and Vit D. If nothing shows it will at least give you some peace of mind and I don't think that is an unreasonable thing to do. Also if symptoms do persist perhaps making this a regular 3 monthly thing will have the benefit of either picking up something early (heaven forbid) or giving you continued peace of mind and less stress.

Dusty. xxx
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Gotta agree with Dusty Scott. Can't hurt to run some simple bloods.

Hope you're going ok!!
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Thanks for the input. She has a physical due on February so I think ill ask for the blood tests.

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