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side effects

how long does it take to nice any side effects
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Usually side effects show up right away and tend to lessen over time. Or that has been my experience with drugs anyways. Allergic reactions happen immediately, or very fast. Contact a doc or 911 right away of course if this happens! There are also the long-term side effects and they can take...well, a long time to show up. haha.

considering you're on the meth board I assume you're asking about meth side-effects. Apparently there are a lot (I usually don't read up on side effects considering I'm a bit of a hypocondriac, instead I let my mom learn all the crazy things that can go wrong.). I personally haven't really felt any beside nausea (I experienced it right away too). Though, that is to be expected since I'm on such a high dose of meth (25mg/week). Luckily, my GI gave me a crazy strong anti-nausea to counter balance.

You should always be getting blood tests as well, every 2-4 weeks to watch for those rare, albeit, nasty long term side effects.
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I have tried or are experimenting with different doses. Side effects didn't occur till 6 months in, now effecting liver and hair falling out. Could be infliximab but reducing meth now to 5mg a week from 15 to 10 now 5 and will look at bloods to see if meth is to blame.
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I had problems within a week of starting Methotrexate.I tried everything to be able to cope but i couldn't tolerate that drug.(Tablets or injections)
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I have been on 15mg for 5 days now and have felt sick and bloated most days, can't tolerate food without feeling sick and bloated more so. Aches in joints. My main worry, as mentioned previously, is the damage that may be being done without current symptoms!!
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When I was on mthx - i often felt nausea and totally stuffed. Apart from that I had nothing till it stopped working and I had a flare, then I kept flushing on the mthx - go beetroot in my face.
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