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Year Started Over Cant afford Humira

So I went to the pharmacy today and since my deductible started over I would have had to shell out 2000 dollars for 2 shots.

The insurance company is not covering any of it.

I have the humira discount card which takes off 1600.

Im still left with 400 dollars for 2 shots.

I dont really know what to do. Last year I was paying about 10 dollars.

Im helping to support my girlfriend while she is in school full time so I have been paying majority of the Bills.

I guess it could be worse. Im wondering if there is a cheaper way to get my meds. My mom gets all of hers through mail order and gets 2 for 3 through insurance doing it this way.

Anyone have suggestions. Im finally at 100 percent and have been on humira for 6-7 months. Im scared whats going to happen if I cant afford it.
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Yikes, that's scary. I would do whatever you can to come up with the $400. However, does the $1600 from Humira count towards your deductible, or will you still have 4 more months of $400 payments to satisy it?
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Thats a good question. I assumed it would not but if it does I would only have to pay this for maybe 2 months.

It would take 6months with my deductible at 400 if it does not.
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Call Abbott (Humira )...they have a $5.00 program (with or without insurance) that you should look into. My daughter uses 2 pens per month for only $5.00!!! PLEASE call now...don't go without meds!!! :-)

Good Luck

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insurancelady is RIGHT!!! I am on the plan Abbott offers and pay only $5 pre month! It was so easy, they do all the work and take care of everything for you!!!
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Is the 5 dollar program different then the Humira Protection Plan?

I am already on the Humira Protection Plan and it is paying for the 1600.

I downloaded some forms from Abbots site for

Abbot Patient Assistant Foundation -

I just faxed over the part my doctor has to fill out to her office.

If approved they can pay up to 100 percent. I dont know if I will qualify as Im not sure what the Income Cutoff is.
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Good News. Doctors Office called back and told me to come over and they have a few shots they can give me. I got there and in an ice packed bag were 4 shots!!!

Im good for 2 months.

They are going to contact my insurance company to see if they can fix this for me.

Im already a week behind as my girlfriend accidentally took my last shot out of the fridge when I was home for christmas and forgot to put it back. Today was the soonest I could fill my prescription.

Thanks! Everyone!
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I'm pretty sure the $5.00 dollar program is different than the protection plan. Their assistance program is great. My insurance hasn't kicked in yet, and they have covered my first month for free, plus i was told that when my insurance did kick in, it would only cost $5.00 per treatment. It's definitely worth checking into. Humira does a great job working with people, and it only took a total of two weeks at the most to find out if i was accepted or not.
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It looks like the $5 coupon is gone. It's no longer on their website. Needymeds has changed their link - it says pharmacy coupon, but it goes to the Humira protection plan the OP described.
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