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Remicade and ADHD?

My 12 year old son has been on Remicade for 16 months. I am noticing a big difference in his school work this year and his ability to concentrate on the task at for long periods of time. His grades have suffered and his teacher are commenting that he isn't working "at his potential".

Has anyone experienced the same thing? Thank you.

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Hi Marci, welcome!! My 12 yr old is on Humira and his schoolwork has become a little iffy recently as well. He is extremely bright and universally loved by his teachers. I think his problem is he's a 12 yr old boy surrounded in school by a bunch of other 12 yr old boys. They all play too many video games and watch too much TV. They'd much rather memorize lines from whatever inappropriate show they watch when we aren't looking than memorize the Periodic Table!...I know how I'm gonna handle it for now Good luck!!
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LOL Dexky!

I think Dexky has a bit of a point - "boys will be boys" - but there possibly is something else going on there as well.....

I would be reluctant to actually say "ADHD", but I do know that when I was on Remicade (as an adult) I felt SO good that I wanted to do it ALL at once (whatever "ALL' was) and at times had a hard time concentrating! As an adult you learn to temper these impulses (sometimes... lol!) and get down to business and do what has to be done (at work or whatever) - but it might be a little more difficult to do when you are a kid - expecially a boy who has WAY too much energy and wnat to be ANYWHERE except sitting at a school desk!

Either way, I hope you find something that works for you.
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