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Good GI in Mpls MN

Any one know any good GI Docs in MN Mpls area? I have seen 2 GI's and they can't seem to find out whats wrong with me, dismiss me and say its IBS with a 50# weight loss in 10 months! Thannks in advance, also do I just keep going from doc to doc and asking to have the same tests run over and over, its getting embarassing at this point cause they ask me what did the other doctors say? Thanks again!
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Our forum has a doctor review section. Here's Minnesota's:

just scroll down to minneapolis and click the doctor's names to see if they've been reviewed. And hopefully some people from your area will see this thread and can offer some advice
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I see Gina Storrs at MN Gastroenterology, I go to the office in Coon Rapids but they have multiple locations. She's a NP, not an MD, but she is awesome.
The MD's I have seen there were mostly OK, one I really didn't like was a Dr. Wood. He was a dick.
Good luck!
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Funny! I also see Gina at Minnesota Gastro in Coon Rapids. My surgeon thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread - and she may be. I only see the regular MDs there if I absolutely have too.

Dr Bassman should be avoided as well. I like Dr Bader there.

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