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C Reactive Protein up. Pentasa no longer working.

So, I posted a while ago wondering if I should go to the hospital or not because I was in agonizing pain... see, I can be in a flare and not have too many symptoms beyond discomfort, irregular bowel movements, and getting gassy no matter what I eat. Or drink. I got sick after drinking water. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? I had to stop my workout. Trying so hard to get back into shape. I guess it's yoga until I'm well again.

The only thing that is REALLY worrying me is apparently if I'm in a flare and my right ovary releases an egg then I'm in crippling pain for three to four days. UGH. And my doctor doesn't seem to believe that this is what is going on? Or if he does believe me he is being obnoxiously thorough with all the testing. He drew blood and confirmed that my CRP was elevated, though he says that doesn't confirm a crohn's flare and that mostly makes me feel teeth gnashy. He wont authorize stronger medication until I do some other kind of test to confirm it. I'm like... ready to beg if there is an option beyond capsule endoscopy. Because the way I see it, I have 3 weeks to get this sorted out. If it's not sorted out by then I'm playing russian roulette with my ovaries and will resort to begging for narcotics because tylenol just isn't cutting it.

*sigh* vent complete
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I'm sorry to hear you're in a flare right now. Is there anyway your doc might get you to start some steroids soon, at least until you've had some more tests?

In regards to the ovaries, are you on any birth control? x
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