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Need help!!!

Is there any kind of over the counter medication that does any good for crohn's? My wife seems to have this problem, altho her doctor will not (not yet anyway) diagnose her as having it. Thus she has no prescribed medication of any kind.

She was hospitalized for inflamed colon 2 1/2 months ago. She is still as sick now as she was then, but limited research I've been able to do seems to show her symptoms as being more in line with crohn's disease than an inflamed colon.

Any help/thoughts/suggestions/etc. are appreciated.
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Hi, sorry your wife is struggling without getting any answers! did they give any reason for her having an inflamed colon?

Unfortunately OTC medicines can only ever mask the symptoms of an IBD, not treat the underlying illness. And since your wife is undiagnosed, it would be better not to take anything unless advised by a doctor, because of the risk of making things worse, or hiding the symptoms and delaying a diagnosis.

Though I will say if your wife has pain, it would be advisable to avoid NSAIDs (aspirin, ibuprofen etc) as they are known for irritating the stomach. Better to stick to plain paracetamol/Tylenol for pain relief.

It might be helpful if you let us know a bit more about your wife's symptoms, we might be able to share some tips. Also what country are you in, because healthcare and medications do vary from country to country.
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We reside in south Texas, USA (between Houston & Galveston).

As near as I can remember all her symptoms, they include...nausea, diaria(sp?), a whole lot of g.i. area pain/cramps, altered taste (for the worse-thus decreased appetite). I've gotta be forgetting something, but these are the main ones, I think.

When I took her to an emergency room when she first starting having the problems, a catscan was done and based on that the verdict was the inflamed colon. She was in the hospital for a couple of days, and when released all she was given was a prescription for the nausea. We've changed doctors over this once, and are ready to again. They just don't seem to want to get involved enough to investigate her problems and try to be helpful. (How many times do you change doctors?!!). If it wasn't for her being so sick, I'd say that this has turned into a real comedy of errors. But bless her heart, she's too sick for me to be able to find the humor.

Anyway, hope I've helped here. And a big THANKS for trying to help.
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Sorry your doctors are not being helpful. The inflamed colon could be from a few different causes including a virus/bacteria - and as you say it may be ulcerative colitis or even Crohns... but a colonscopy would be needed at the very least. Any blood tests done?

You could try some simple things like peppermint tea, or ginger, to help settle her intestines and the nausea. Hot water bottles are also useful. Perhaps a local doctor can give her some mild pain meds? Sometimes Buscopan (smooth muscle relaxer) can help with cramps. As Rebecca said, it is preferable to have a doctor on board.

I am not from the U.S. but have spent time in Texas. Galveston is nice on a hot day! My favorite area was San Antonio, but Houston is a nice city.

All the best.

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