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Will I need to keep taking pred?

Sorry if this is a stupid question! I'm two weeks out of hospital. Felt great on the IV steroids but as soon as I went back to Pred I'm just as bad if not worse than I was before going to hospital. Yesterday I called my GI who has now reffered me to the Western General Hospital so I can start Infliximab. I'm hating being on pred (40mg) been on them for about 3 months now and I'm HUGE! Big moon face and horrible spots all over my forehead ( im putting this down to pred??) So the question is...When you start Infliximab do you still need to take all your other meds?

I take:
8 pentasa tablets a day
40mg pred
150mg azathioprine
2 Adcal-D3
20mg omeprazole
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When my daughter was first diagnosed she was on 40 mg of Prednisone. She started her Remicade very shortly after that, but was weaned off of it in 2 months. She is in remission so no more Prednisone for her - Thank God! She still is taking her Pentasa every day.
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Pred is not normally prescribed for the long term and I see you're on Aza which is normally given as a longer term maintenance med. They might keep you on that while you're on Remi (Infliximab) as the combination is supposed to be effective and can help avoid Remi side effects.
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