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Alcohol and LDN

I know naltrexone is used for alcohol addiction. I'm assuming it makes it so one gets really sick when consuming alcohol. Or maybe I'm thinking of another drug. Anyway, is LDN a low enough dose that alcohol consumption is ok? Or can you not get anywhere near alcohol while on LDN?
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I think alcohol is okay. Found this on www.lowdosenaltrexone.org:

Can LDN be taken with other medications such as tranquilizers or chemotherapy? How about interactions with alcohol or tobacco?
LDN can be taken along with any other medication or substance, so long as it is not narcotic-containing. Naltrexone is a pure opioid antagonist and it will block the action of narcotics. Some examples of narcotic-containing drugs are Ultram, morphine, Percocet, Duragesic patch and any codeine-containing medication.

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Hi, it seems just fine. I've taken my LDN after a beer or two and kept going for the night with no problems. I'm not sure if in the longterm it's a good idea to continually take LDN with alcohol, or not. It is such a low dose and I don't think endogenous opiod systems have anything to do with alcohol (a depressant).

In fact, I've seen some suggest taking a night off of LDN every month or so is possibly a good thing; however, these comments seemed like speculation. Their reasoning is that it's good to give your body a break so it doesn't become immune to its effects, as this has been reported in a small minority of LDNers.
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I've had the occasional drink without issue. I avoid alcohol on the basis that it is hard on the mucus lining of the intestinal tract (plus all the things I've seen alcohol do in my years as a bouncer). I don't think the odd drink will tip the scales either way... moderation in all things, right?

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Hi Guys, in the UK, Naltrexone is given to Heroin addicts re Detoxification. We don't use Naltrexone over here for alcohol addiction, we use Antebuse along with high doses of Valium for alcohol detoxification.

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I just had a glass of red wine with supper... both were excellent. And, no trip to the ER.

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