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Welcome back Azathioprine!!!

Hello everyone After several phone calls today and a dash to my GP and Tesco pharmacy I am offically back on the Aza. My GI doc is taking things slowly and has started me on 25mg daily and then 25mg increments every two weeks until I get to 125mg - of course this is only if the bloods stay good and don't show that I have neutrophenia again. I am allowed to drop the pred to 20mg on Tues 17/01 and then I have to stay on this for 4 weeks and then all still going well I can start to taper at 5mg every 2 weeks. The standard weekly bloods tests for 8 weeks await me - the first of which MUST be done by the GP apparently and then I can go the hospital blood test place after work which is much easier for me. I also have to see the GP for my 'councelling' on the drug before they will do a repeat prescription, I find this a bit odd as I have been on Aza before and had 'the chat' with my IBD nurse on the phone yesterday, I suppose he is just covering his arse (haha) on this one. I am really hoping this gets me sorted, wish me luck

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Most definitely, good luck. Have fingers and toes crossed for you.
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Best of luck, AngryBird!
~ Nicci

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Good luck!!
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Good luck, I hope it works wonders for you!...

Dusty. xxx
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Sending you lots of well-wishes, AB! Sounds like a good and solid game plan/dosing regimen. Blood count will hopefully stay stable. I had a bit of an issue with low red cells when I initially began Azathioprine, it rebounded--I was on it for a year, then Dr. let me wean off. I didn't take it for a year until the Crohn's Monster reared it's ugly head--then I went back on it. The restart didn't affect my red count at all. It's funny how that works. It'll be good for you this time. Drink green tea (hot) and relax! Keep the updates comin! Dana
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good luck !

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