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low residue diet - can i eat quorn or soya?

ive been on the liquid diet and it hasnt worked for me so im now on prenisolone and azathiaprine. im also going to follow the low residue diet to try to help myself heal. last time i was on prednisalone i was eating mainly salad fruit and veg as i thought that was healthy but now i see thats the worse thing i could have eaten for large bowel crohns.

so i have a sheet from a dietician in the uk thats a low residue diet but it doesnt have many foods on it. im a vegetarian and it doesnt mention quorn or soya in the allowed or not allowed list. quorn is made from mushrooms and soya from soya beans. so does that mean i cant eat either as i have to stay away from veggies and beans?

ive also checked the lofflex literature too and that says i can have soya yoghurt and milk but it doesnt say whether i can eat the meat substitute.
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I have not been on a low residue diet, but I do try to stay away from lots of fiber and saturated fats. Look online to what a low residue diet definition is. I do eat Quorn products and they seem to do really well for me. Soy sometimes does and sometimes doesn't do well for me. I think soy can be hard to digest at times. I stay away from spicy and fried foods as well. Just some thoughts. I hope you feel better and the meds and diet help. Crohn's is soo unpredictable.
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tofu is fine. I would stay away from quorn. It's not directly made from mushrooms but it is a fungus like substance very closely related. The issue is that the cell structure is made from keratin as opposed to cellulose.
Keratin does not break down in your system, it is the same protein used to make hair and teeth.
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Crohn's Disease Forum » Treatment » Low residue diet - can i eat quorn or soya?
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