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Questions about Humira

I am seriously considering switching to Humira. I was on 6mp but the disease got very aggressive and I needed surgery. I don't feel safe going back on a drug that didn't prevent surgery.

Here are some questions:

1. Does Humira suppress the entire immune system or only the molecules responsible for inflammation in crohn's?

2. How common are the serious side effects like tuberculosis?

3. Is this drug shown to be effective after surgery?

4. Can you start and stop Humira or do you develop resistance to it?
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My husband has been on Humira since January 2005 and it has been his "miracle drug". Immediately prior to getting on Humira, he was on 6MP and couldn't stay out of the operating room. It wasn't doing anything for him. He has had fantastic luck with it (uses it along with Methotrexate) I will say that at one point, he tried stopping Methotrexate to see if it was just the Humira helping him and he developed a few ulcers - now that he's back on the 2 meds, he's back to doing great.
Humira IS an immunosuppresant, however my husband has yet to develop secondary infections. He is diligent about getting his flu shot each year and takes a liquid vitamin that he swears by from Awareness Life Corp. He has only suffered 1 side effect - burning upon instillation of the medication. It can be pretty intense, but at only 1/week, it is tolerable if it keeps him healthy. Obviously, since my husband has had 16 surgeries for his Crohn's, it is effective after surgery. He has yet to develop resistance to it. Other meds in the past seemed to lose effectiveness after 1-3 years and he is beginning year 7 of Humira! Everyone's different, but I would go for it!

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1. According to my amateur knowledge, it suppresses TNF alpha cytokines which are responsible for inflammation, and does not suppress the entire immune system.

2. Rare. Yes, it is possible, so they are required to list it, but it is extremely rare. This is also why you are required to undergo a test for TB exposure prior to starting Humira, to make that possibility as low as possible.

3. For me it was / is

4. I believe that if you stop Humira and try to restart it later, it is possible to have developed antibodies to it. But I think there is a chance that you could get lucky and it would work but I'm pretty sure it is not recommended.

All I can say is that I've never had a single side effect from Humira and it is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. I am confident that I am in remission from it. It's great!
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Hey no guts,
1. Any TNF meds like humira or remicade can supress your entire immune system.
2. Humira doesn't CAUSE tuberculosis, it could cause you to develop it if it were already present in you body, but being held at bay by your otherwise healthy immune system. That's why the check u for TB first before starting you on it
3. I dunno but probably. run the risk of developing antibodies to it. My gi said if your off for six months then restart your risk is higher.
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