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help with 6-MP

My doctor wants to try me on a new drug trial for 6-MP im unsure due to all the horrific stories ive read.
Im still recovering from a resection 5 weeks ago I was only diognoised with crohns the week before that so I've not had any medication yet.
Im so confused........
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A drug trial? Or do you mean he wants to try you on 6MP? I was on it for quite a few years with no issues - finally stopped taking it a couple years ago and just stayed on the Remicade....

30 plus years and counting with UC/Crohn's!
on remicade since 11/05

While my experiences may not be what everyone has had- I feel it is worthwhile to share any and all experiences that may be beneficial to others.
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I am on Imuran for 10 years now w/ no problems. They will do blood-work to make sure your body can metabolize the drug.
Crohns dx 1992
Bowel resection in 2000 and remission since then.
150mg Azathioprine maintenance dose
Ferrous Sulfate
Folic acid
Bentyl as needed
Lyrica x2 daily for pain
Norco as needed for pain
Ondansetron as needed for nausea
Miacalcin for the bones
That's a lot of stuff, but I feel good

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Do they mean try you on 6mp?

When i went on 6mp they told me 7 out of 10 people tolerated it ok.

I fell into the 3 that couldn't tolerate it.

Hope your recovery is going ok.
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It's a drug trial in England basically they want people who have just had reduction surgery who have no more active crohns to take 6-MP for 3 years to see if it stops it flaring up im new to all this so Im nt sure about medication etc my brother is on azathioprine which seems 2 work for him.
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I am going to be reconnected in two weeks. How much colon do you have left? How is the recovery going for you?? I'm worried that I will end up going on myself or getting dehydrated. Have you gone back to work or school yet?
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Hi Jk86,

I've been on 6MP for almost 2 years now with good results. I haven't experienced any nasty side effects and have just had my dosage lowered after blood tests and a colonoscopy showed no sign of active Crohn's (yay). Prior to the 6MP there were signs of Crohns however I hadn't taken any form of medication for maybe 6 years (I was on Imuran which I felt did nothing so I stopped taking it altogether!). My only concern is being female, if you fall pregnant whilst on 6MP there is a high chance of your baby developing birth defects.

I hope this helps

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I hope everything goes ok for you my recovery has been very slow n painful I'm having a few problems I was worried about the not being able to move far from a toilet I almost wish that was the case I'm getting worried about not being able to go I'm back to get my test results from the MRI tomorrow. I had 14cm of small and 24cm of large removed. I lost my job due to being off so much.

that fantastic no active crohns. I'm the leaflet they gave me It says its ok to be pregnant while on it that's the main point I'm 26 with no children we would like one in the next year or so I'm getting old.
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I wouldn't worry too much about the drug trial. Just wait and see how it all goes first.

I've been on 6MP since I was diagnosed in late March last year, and I have had no side effects from it, in fact it's kept my disease under control quite nicely. However I did develop an abscess which turned into a fistula, so I'm on Infliximab as well now.

Good luck!
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Thats probably my worst fear getting a fistula I'm already a bit worried as they think I have a 1 from the surgery and that's why my wound opened I've been on 3 diferent antibiotics but still in pain awaiting the results.
I'm finding it hard to cope with I def couldn't have handled it when i was your age.
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Hi Jk86, I have been taking 6-mp since 2008 after I had a massive attack which kept me off work and university for 10 months!!.. My consultant offered me Infliximab, methotrexate (both to be administered (IV) fortnightly in hospital setting) or to try these tablet form 6-mp (which can be taken in the comfort of your own home) so I went for the easiest option.. He did say that there are no patients in Wales on 6-MP (mostly used in the US) but I thought, may as well give it a go, I was in a dark place and thought, surely things cannot get any worse.... And low and behold, I've been absolutely fine on the medication (I do also take predisolone & rabeprazole - for stomach ulcers). I'm currently taking 100mg (daily) of 6-Mp, the maximum he can give me in balance with my weight....Really glad I chose that option. I suppose it will work for some, and maybe not others....
Hope you are making some good progress x

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