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I'm in the club now!

Hi all, just started Humira yesterday (Friday the 13th - didn't consider that when I booked the nurse!). Found it very painful in my legs but my stomach didn't hurt too much. Will be interesting to see how I go on my own in a fortnight. The nurse was quite impressed with how much I already knew (which of course I learnt from you guys) and said I probably could have done it without her!

But, I am ready to get well now! I really hope this works - I'm not on deaths door or anything but am so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. My GP suggested to me the other day that he could medically retire me! I'm 33 years old! I don't think the pension would be quite enough to pay my mortgage though...

Anyway, I'm excited about the prospects of this med. Best of luck to everyone already on it - hopefully a cure for Crohn's is just around the corner!
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Welcome to the club! Hope you find success with Humira also!

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