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Helppppppp what is wrong with me

I was in the hospital last night. Diarrhea blacking out probable from dehydration and 102 temp. This has been going on for 2 weeks. Cant keep any food down dizzy and just feel really icky. They did a cat scan came out ok but they said sometimes the disease can change has any one else had theirs change? I use to be constipated now I can barley make it to the restroom going 12 times a day. They also mentioned cdiff they put me on antibotics flagyl cipro and 40mg pred. I wont get the results back from the c diff till tomorrow what do you think is wrong? Could the disease changed and I have to live with this horrible diarrhea??? Advice would be great I feel like im dying here
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Oh hon, I'm so sorry you seem to really be going through it! Yes, sometimes us crohnies go from constipation to the big D. You could have a stricture that is causing this, and I certainly hope you get those results first thing!

Meanwhile, I hope you get some rest and relief!
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I did not switch from constipation to D until after my blockage and resection... That was two years ago and I have had D ever since 10-20 times daily. There are many medications to help with this. You should talk to a GI doc for some more advice. I also know C-Diff will also do this to you. Just keep very hydrated as the D will make you very very dehydrated. But lastly it could be some sort of stomach virus as well. I am so sorry and I hope you get some info soon. Good Luck.
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Hi there, as already mentioned symptoms can change from one extreme to the other, one thing you can say about this disease is that it likes to keep you on you toes! I really hope the docs can get you feeling better soon, please keep us updated on the results.

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