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When to check other family members

Hi all...

I am just curious if, after crohn's diagnosis, you had other family members checked. JW, who is 17, was luckily suspected of crohn's a year ago when having an appendectomy and has now been confirmed by biopsy. The doctors always ask if anyone else in the family has CD.

My concern is that because JW and his younger brother Jarod (13) had positive celiac bloodwork, and dad has confirmed celiac by biopsy, we could be missing something with Jarod. The problem with Jarod is that he was born with a complex congenital heart defect and has already had 3 open heart surgeries, but also has cerebral palsy, severe asthma and Hashimoto's thyroiditis. His pain tolerance is so high given all he has been through, that there are many times he is very sick but doesn't tell anyone he feels so bad until he is in need of a hospital admission.

Jarod has not been himself for a couple of weeks, feeling extremely tired and irritable. He also has a lot of diarrhea but I have always attributed it to the gluten until now. His thyroid is stable as we just had it checked this week and he is not on steroids now for his asthma to explain the irritability so I guess I am just fishing right now. Jarod is a very happy child so I know something is up with him.

Thanks for any insight you can provide!

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I would also look at diet. Perhaps there is something you are all sensitive to, yet maintain in your diet (i.e., gluten, wheat, corn, dairy, etc...)? Also look at the drinks (no carbonation, glucose, no diet drinks) they can be the culprit. Sounds like you have your hands full! Take care. You can have him tested, but it can also be a flu bug going around. Keep an eye on him; he sounds like a tough little guy!
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The only other person in our family, apart from my children, that has CD is my husband's cousin. When my daughter was diagnosed in July 2006 I never thought to have my son checked and over the ensuing years I think I convinced myself that she was going to be it in our immediate family. Then in November 2010 my son had some very, very mild symptoms...a couple of random vomits and lack of appetite over the course of a week...that was it. I can't say that CD popped into my head but I guess something at the back of my mind must have been niggling at me and I asked the GP to run inflammatory markers on him. They were elevated and within two weeks he had his diagnosis.

I would trust my instinct Steph and maybe get some simple testing done.

Dusty. xxx
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I agree with Dusty, Steph. With all Jarod has on his plate already, he can ill afford any hidden, untreated inflammation going on! I know you don't want to put him through any more med procedures than necessary but you don't want to look back and say "I should have" either. Good luck!
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I have to agree with the others. Have him checked out. What can it hurt? If it comes back negative great! If positive at least you can start to get him treated right away. I know it is scary. Especially he has so many other issues going on. But it probably is the best thing for him to be checked.

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