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Question Re: LDN.

Hi everyone. I have eczema. It is def of the autoimmune type. I am thinking of trying LDN to treat it. Has anyone on this forum had experience with LDN/eczema?

Another thing i'd like to know is who to talk to about LDN? I've heard a lot of people on here say that their docs were not familiar with the drug. Would my GI know about it? Or would my immunologist be my best bet?

Thanks guys

Dx'd w Leaky Gut Syndrome in 08. Had eczema(autoimmune), chronic fatigue, asthma and suspected crohns(booked for an endoscopy).

Been on cyclosporine, currently on vit d3, zinc, probiotic, digestive enzymes, getting iv drips of vit C, B complex, folic acid, niacin and EDTA twice weekly and living on an all poultry diet. WANT CARBS

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