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Questions about Upper Endoscopies

I'm scheduled for a colonoscopy in July. Because I've suffered from bouts of nausea, a doctor recommended I ask my GI if he could do an upper endoscopy as well while I was under. My GI said that seemed like it couldn't hurt, but I'm nervous about it.

Basically, my biggest concern is how I will feel when I wake up. The first time I was put under (to get my wisdom teeth out) I was incredibly nauseous when I woke up, I had dry heaves, it was all terrible. The next time I begged for as much anti-emetic as they could give me, and a triple dose seemed to do the trick ok. I did the same with my last colonoscopy. The sedative had anti-emetic built in anyway, but I asked for extra and felt pretty okay after. But an upper endoscopy seems like it might cause some nausea. I am phobic, absolutely phobic, about vomiting. Classic textbook phobia. The fact that I haven't in 16 years in some ways makes it worse, because I don't have a frame of reference.

So, two I more likely to be nauseous after an upper endoscopy, even if I request additional anti-emetics?

And secondly, do I really need one? Have people here had one and found they offered some important information?
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I never had an upper endoscopy myself, but my dad had them routinely due to his longstanding issue with ulcers. The only sedation he ever had was a mouth spray to freeze the throat; make swallowing easier. He didn't like the taste of the spray and he said it left his throat a little raw afterwards; but he didn't mind them other than those items. It was my understanding that they don't normally sedate for it as it's easier if the patient is co-operative N swallowing.

Whether one end or the other, the SAD news is these are literally the Cadilacs of diagnosing what's going on in the GI tract... except for where they can't reach.

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I would request to be out for an upper endoscopy no matter what...but I'd be under anyway for the colonoscopy, so I figured, why not? As long as they use different cameras.....
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I've had 2 of them and never felt any nausea. I was put under both times and had no issues other then a scratchy throat for a few minutes once I came out from the meds. I wouldn't sweat it. It can give you some very valuable info, so as Kev said these things are the Caddy's of diagnosing.
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Well, in Dad's case.. they only went in as far as the stomach and duodenum, so it may be necessary to be sedated for crohnies. Which would entail having someone with you because of the anesthetic. As for colonoscopies, since the colon is sort of shaped like a question mark, and there's no swallowing involved, and it's sooo embarrassing, plus perhaps pain from biopsies or polyp removal, I fully understand they typically knock us out (but apparently this isnt' SOP everywhere).. I know sigmoidoscopes are no day at the beach, so I would just as much prefer being knocked out for the scoping process. I cant' for life of me figure out how someone would do it otherwise. Braver man than I, Goinga Din
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I've had two of them. I never really felt nauseas after either of them. In the first one I had, the Dr. was a little rough and my throat was really sore for about a week. The second one was totally painless. I recommend asking for extra demoral and verset.

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I've had three of them along with the colonoscopies, and may ask for another one due to often having nausea, upper wind (burping), and occasional dry retching the last year or so. Unlike you I have vomited a few times when I get it...once a couple years ago while on vactation under the Space Needle in Seattle; I was due to fly home (long flight to Australia) and was in a panic about what I should do I felt so I can understand your fear. I ended up toughing it out and sitting still on the flight and not eating seemed to help.

Other times this has happened have been when I was trying Naltrexone or a low dose anti-depressant- I don't seem to do well with drugs (except valium which is what they tend to use here for endoscopies: Here you get IV valium mixed with a 'forget drug' and if you have nausea they give you IV Maxalon. You are actally 'conscious' during the procedure but the drug makes you forget). If I'm at home or in the hospital I'm not as worried about vomiting as if I'm out. I try and use charcoal when I have that upper windy nausea. I'm still looking for something more effective...(but not a drug).

I've had no trouble with any of the gastroscopies except as mentioned the dry scratchy feeling in the throat. In fact when I come round I feel better than I usually do thanks to the drugs! I hate the colonoscopies myself: once I take that prep I don't stop going even the day after at the hospital for the procedure. (shudder). In the end it's best to find out rather than not.
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I'm going to be out anyway for the colonoscopy, my guess is they'll just make sure I stay under long enough to do the upper as well.

I'm glad to know that this can be such a useful procedure and not one of you has experienced nausea upon waking. I was put under awhile ago and as I was just beginning to swim out of the anesthesia, I felt them pull a tube out of my throat. I was thinking to myself, hey they didn't tell me they were going to do that! But I realized how completely relaxed all those muscles were, and I wasn't nauseated at all (though a triple dose of anti-emetic could do that!)

My last colonoscopy, that night, several hours after, I awoke with the most intense gas pain of my life. Luckily, I was at my parents house, so I woke up my mother and she brought me a heating pad and some gas medication and sat with me for a couple of hours til it went away. Has anyone else gotten that sort of pain? Does it help to start taking Gas-X or some such drug as soon as possible after the procedure? It was probably due to the air they use to inflate the colon, so I'm not sure what could help that. Any suggestions, anyone?
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I also had my endoscopy done right before or after they did my colonoscopy, and had no lingering side effects aside from my throat being a little scratchy afterwards. My GI said they needed to do both upper and lower to determine it was for sure Chrohn's, and to make sure they knew where all my problem areas were since it can effect any part of digestive tract.

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