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I had a colonoscopy on Friday the 13th (too funny!) and my colon looked perfectly clear of any disease. The doctor said I am in remission...it is still hard to believe. Humira did it in 8 weeks....let's just hope it lasts a good, long time now!!!

Even though I don't feel the way I did before becoming ill, I am feeling much, much better as far as all the Crohn's symptoms. Still some tummy discomfort but nothing severe at all. I suppose after being ill for so long I will just have to work back up to overall health/fintness level. I am sure I will feel better once the pred. taper is complete as well.

Just wanted to share since I remember looking for this type of post when I was first ill and then when I began Humira. I just wanted to know if it was possible and figured I would now share with others that it is indeed possible. Worth every injection!

Thanks for all the support!!!!
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Yay I just love good news, gives the rest of us hope! Thanks for sharing!
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Woohoo!! So happy to hear this news!! May the healing continue
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Fantastic news! I'm sure you will get your health back! I know I can't wait until I can eat the pecan pie I have in my freezer! Fresh fruit! Crunchy veggies!!

Give it a little time to get used to being well. I'm sure your tummy is wondering where it's control over your life went, hehe.
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The statistics I see so far for my situation seem pretty good. There ARE long term statistics for the Anti-TNF drug treatments now. I'm here to make them longER.
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Great news Suzanne. I'm so happy for you.

Costas x
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Woot! So glad it's working for you! I'm really improving too after just 6 weeks on Humira. Let's hope it keeps working for a long time to come.
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Humira took about 9mths for me but the difference is remarkable. Now I'm down to a stricture which is giving me bloody stools & is close to obstructing(feels exceptionally tight & tender). But I had an ultrasound today & its only a centimeter long. I'm very excited about this because I can see light @ the end of whats been a very dark @ times tunnel. Yes it might have to be removed but I've been told I can stay on Humira right through the process should it happen. I'm very very confident this time if required the disease will not reoccur.
Usually the idea of more surgery has me climbing the walls but this time I'm thinking bring it on & lets get on with life.
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That's great, you will be running again in no time
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congrats that is a great news i am very happy for you
maybe i am in remission and i don't know because my case is very similar to you
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Happy to hear of your good news. Gives everyone else lots of hope, which we all need.
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That's really wonderful news!! It's great and positive to hear a success story especially since you and I were diagnosed at the same time last year, keep up the good health!!

Liz xo

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That's great, you will be running again in no time
I am walking regularly and will add in minutes of running in a few weeks. After not being able to run at all for almost a year I am starting over as if I have never run in order to avoid injury. With any luck I will be back at the marathons next season!

Hope your running is still going well!!
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Thanks. Haven't run since a 5k New Years Eve. Looking to get back into it maybe this weekend

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It's so nice to hear good news! I too have been in remission. Heck, I eat a little popcorn every now and again!!
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Great news! Gives us hope. Cheers!

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