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...where to begin?

Hi everyone...i'm absolutely thrilled and very grateful for having found this forum! I'm Tracy...38 yrs old. I thought I was a fairly healthy person, despite having a weak immune system all my life. I have endometriosis (diagnosed in 2007) and have suffered from migraines since I was 10. The only other medical issue I can think of was that I was bed-ridden while pregnant with my son. Oh, I should mention that I am allergic to penecillin, amoxicillin, cloxicillin, erythromycin, keflex and cipro! Hence, my tendency to seek out alternative medicines to stay as healthy as possible.

This summer I had what I suppose would be described as a flare up. It was a nightmare; I lost alot of weight. Not to mention the stress of missing so much work.
After reading through some other threads, I have found reassurance, some common ground. I no longer feel so alone. My symptoms? They can hit hard & fast...
travelling pain in abdomen
lower left abdomen, upper right under ribcage
sore joints
unbelievable FATIGUE
muscle spasms of my innards (wakes me at night)
big D; during day and overnight
constipation when i don't have D
eye pressure, eye pain
BLOATING...like i'm 5 months pregnant
innards inflamed & pushing out against my ribcage
short of breath from the swelling against my diaphragm
'fluttering' sensation in parts of my intestines
burping gas
heart palpitations
night sweats
weight loss
vomiting...sometimes violently

What have I done so far? Sat down and looked back on my life...and
realized that it's not just that I have a SUCKY immune system...and maybe it wasn't the flu all those times. This has been going on for YEARS! I can remember some symptoms as far back as 10 or more years ago! WHY didn't I put two and two together before?! Granted, it's never spun out of control as it did this past summer.

I've been to see my family doctor numerous times in the past 8 months. He's given me a few different meds to try: dicyclomine, metroclopramide, buscopan, and most recently amitriptyline (which i haven't tried yet).

As for the alternative remedies...i've tried or am taking:
Acacia Fibre, concentrated aloe vera juice, peppermint capsules, probiotics (faithfully for years now), Omega3+joy, VitD, VitE, folic acid, VitBcomplex.

I've found it extremely difficult, to cope with feeling like crap (pun intended) all the time, but still having to work full time, care for a family, and try to have a life. I've had to simplify my life now as much as possible; didn't leave the house for the longest time. Now I'm thankful to say that i'm having more good days than bad days. However this 'thing' just keeps rearing its' ugly head whenever it wants to! I can be feeling pretty good, then a few hours later it hits me hard and strong! That's the most difficult thing for me I think. Accepting that this is now my new life. This is me now.

My family is pretty supportive, and trying to get a better understanding of what i'm going through. I know it's very upsetting to my 15 yr old to see me get so sick at times. I try to explain it, saying that it just comes and goes and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for me. I'm not dying, i'm just having a 'bad' day today. My poor hubby struggles too, I think mostly b/c he knows there's nothing he can do for me when it acts up. And I haven't shared the full scope of everything I am experiencing...it can be tiring sometimes; always explaining how i'm feeling, what i'm experiencing. I do want to share it to help with the understanding, but feel like i'm complaining too much or i'm having a pity party. I just dearly wanted to have someone who UNDERSTOOD or already KNEW what it's like to talk to.
....and now I have come upon this forum. And I am SOOOO thankful for that. I look forward to reading more every day.

Anyways, that's my story, in a nutshell. Everyone take care.
I am ever hopeful that tomorrow will be a better day...
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EH! Another Canadian bites the undiagnosed club! BTW you are not far from me just below you. Most people do have problems and have a hard time getting a full diagnosis. Hopefully you will too, because treatment is available and seeing has you react to many meds you could have a hard time. Have you had a colonoscopy? Biopsy? Blood work? Hospital ER's? Yes it is hard to accept but once you gain perspective and know that you can lead a somewhat normal life, you will be happier. Getting you out of pain is a first. Acute pain should never be ignored, some have and had a rough time aftewards.

Many people here to help you and support you. Lots have families and work. You have a good attitude so I am sure you will get your life in better shape soon.

Glad you are here !
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Unless I missed it, it did not look like you had a colonoscopy. I too suffered endometriosis for MANY years and the colonoscopy showed it went into the colon. So, that time of the month would initiate D...and between the cramps of endometriosis and Crohns, it was SPECIAL. I feel for you. SOO much to get into but keep reading here and it will help you also consider some natural means to help resolve your Crohns. So much of what you write can also be a result of foods you are eating. An eastern doc once told me that foods can actually be more dangerous than meds, as they can cause all sorts of ailments. Keep your chin up!

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