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Not sure what to do!

Hi, just wanted to ask a quick question. Does anyone have any experience with their child getting pain in the bottom (gee that sounds weird). My son was diagnosed in August last year and went through the modulen treatment and has been great since although I feel like I am constantly worried about him anyway! So far he is not on any medication as we are "waiting to see how he does". I am very reluctant to put him on medications although I know he will prob need it sometime.
He pulled a muscle/tendon at football at the weekend which has been sore on and off but really bad today so he is off school (not happy about it). The pain is mostly in his groin area but earlier it was further back inside the bum cheeks (sorry didn't know how else to explain). Now I am worried that he might be having a flare up - when do you know to phone the nurse or if it's just a simple injury that has nothing to do with Crohns? His stomach is fine, he says going to the toilet feels normal, there's no blood and he's eating and drinking fine.
I don't want the nurse to start ordering tests that stress/hurt him if it's not needed but also don't want to miss something that needs treated. AAAH! Help.
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No experience with that here. It sounds possible that the pain is just soreness from the pulled groin but if you have any doubt you should probably get it checked. Good luck!
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Do you know how the injury happened? If it was a sudden change in direction, followed by a tumble, it is likely he has a minor tear in one of the adductors muscles (from pelvis to thigh.) He may have also landed on his buttocks... I agree with Dexky - it's possibly (probably) the groin strain. Is he ok walking slowly?
A sports injury specialist is the best person to treat if necessary. They can diagnose it by his range of movement and any swelling or bruising.
All the best.
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Isn't it awful how this disease makes us question everything!! Ugghh! If he's not showing any other crohn's related symptoms at all, then I would just keep a very close eye on everything for a couple more days.

I know I'd start worrying as well when it became more sore today, however, if it is a pulled muscle/tendon/ligament, it could be that once it was beginning to feel better, your son stopped being 'careful' about it and perhaps 'tweaked' it again.

I hope it's nothing more than just a pulled muscle!
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Thanks for that. I am also leaning towards groin strain - the pain was more in the top of his leg this afternoon. May have just bruised a nerve throwing himself to the ground - I believe he saved a penalty! (proud mum).
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Hey hun,

Sorry I'm late to this, I agree with what has already been said. If he has no GI symptoms I would lean toward it being a part of his groin strain. No need to tell you that if you have the slightest doubt to have it checked out!

Oh and well done to your boy!

Good luck and keep us posted!

Dusty. xxx
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