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View Poll Results: Does your infusion make you tired?
No 5 17.86%
Yes, the day of the infusion, and I do pre-meds 7 25.00%
Yes, the day of the infusion, and I don't do pre-meds 6 21.43%
Yes, the day of and the day after the infusion, and I do pre-meds 6 21.43%
Yes, the day of and the day after the infusion, and I don't do pre-meds 4 14.29%
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Does Remicade make you tired?

I have my first infusion in 14 hours! So excited. I'm going home afterwards and planning on resting. I've noticed a lot of posters saying they are tired afterwards, so I'm just curious.
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I'm tired afterwards but I'm not sure if it's because I'm sitting in a comfy chair, snuggled up with a blanket for two hours, or from the Remi. Usually I go home and take a short nap and I'm good to go.

And no pre-meds for me.

Good luck on the first infusion! Hope it starts working ASAP.
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good luck! I went into it wary bc I have a coworker who didn't take it well but it hasn't done anything to me other than make me absurdly thirsty the first time (prednisone did the same the first big dose, apparently its my body's reaction to new meds) and one time I got athletes foot. That was crazy, I went from being unaware of it to 2 hours after I finished the infusion all the skin under my toes was peeling and raw but the otc cream took care of it with no problem

I do have a friend who says it makes her tired but she said it didn't happen until being on it for about a year.

hope its works well and doesn't give you any trouble
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Sleepy due to Benadryl but not tired. In fact steroid kept me up all night first 2 doses. Third one (yesterday) I slept some
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They gave me benedryl, so I dozed off and on during the infusion. Once I got home, I was fine. I'm a little tired, but not enough to take a nap. Hopefully tomorrow will go well! I have to take my 4yo to a birthday party.
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Up to my fifth infusion I was tired for about 24 hours.

I take my infusions at 3h30 pm and I spent that evening and that night in bed and the next day I was fine. So maybe it was just the pre meds after all.

I'm realy happy for you.
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I always fell asleep during the infusion..... I'm on Humira now and generally don't feel anything when I take the shot....
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When I had no pre-meds I didn't really notice a difference - maybe a little tired, but that could have been because I get up at 5am those days to be at work by seven (I take a half day off from work)....

Now I get solumedrol and benadryl IV and the benadryl kocks me out pretty much for a couple hours - but by the time I'm done with my infusion I'm ready to go.....after the last one I went to work and didn't have any difficulties.....

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I'm tired infusion day because of the pre meds - IV benedryl just knock me out.

Second day I seem to be weirdly energetic - like manic almost.

Third - Sixth day the nausea and headaches come to visit( apparently the "remicade" flu). I've only had 3 doses and the nausea and headaches are less after infusion 3 than infusion 2.

Day 5 after infusion 3 I have had killer heartburn and abdominal pain for which I had to take painkillers for. Its easing off now and I will be calling dr to let her know mon.

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