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Another newbie

Hello everyone.Im Jonny from Northern Ireland and Valentinas fiance .Ive had a look on here before but ive been pretty busy lately to post.I recognise a few members on here so its good to see some familar faces.

I have a ileostomy since June 2003 and i have Crohns most likely but not 100%

Look foward to getting to know everyone a little better (((((hugs to everyone))))

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Hey Jonny,

Good to meet you buddy - I've had an ileostomy since 92, and i haven't looked back since.

Look forward to hearing from you again soon mate.

Take care
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hey J, glad to meet you at last. congrats by the way !!!
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OH good god jonny not you lmao
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to the forum!

Glad that you have found the time to post and hope to see you again in the future.
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Jonny said:
Hello everyone.Im Jonny from Northern Ireland and Valentinas fiance .Ive had a look on here before but ive been pretty busy lately to post.I recognise a few members on here so its good to see some familar faces.
will be fun to post around with you again. lol
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Oh No Jonny is here!!! Hehehehe not really hun Big Hugs good to see you
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Thanx for all the welcomes
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WELCOME ABOARD ... I am sure that you will have a wonderful time here. There are a lot of wonderful people here to be your friend so just jump right in and have some fun & see you around soon !!
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Hi Jonny
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Thanx again alittle more about me.In 2003 around March i kept having to take time of work for tummy pains and i was having blood in my stool and having the runs to the loo.
I used to be in the British Army and when i was in there i had some problems but they thought mabye i had food poisioning a few times and couldnt give me a diagnosis so i just got on with things until it got too much with all the physical activity and long hours so i give them my years notice to leave.

I moved to England but soon moved home to newtownards Ireland and started working there until once again i started having problems .I never could get a diagnosis and many doctors said it could of been many different things.Finally after a week and a half of work i went to the E.R and was admitted into hospital where they put me on a liquid diet and done a colonoscopy and lots of other tests.
In total i was in about a month and it resulted in the removal of my large colon and the creation of a stoma(Ileostomy).Id never heard of crohns or a stoma before but i was just glad to be free of pain afterthe operation and the drugs helped alot too lol to ease my pain.

After i left hospital i researched alot about stomas and this disease and met alot of wonderful people who i still talk alot from otehr crohns related websites.Ive tried the Alternative route with diets and acupuncture and also traveled to Victoria B.C Canada and seen a acupuncturist there and tried reiki too.
Right now the meds im on are remicade roughly every 8 weeks and Flagyl.I might be trying AZA soon and i have a peri anl fistula with a few setons in it to help it drain.

One good thing about having this disease is meeting fantasic people and also recently getting engaged to Valentina who ive talked to constantly for around 6 months and whom was over here in ireland a week ago and im off to meet her family soon.

Id love to help anyone here on the site and contribute in anyway i can with my limited knowledge of treatments ive tried.

Hope some of this makes sense lol i hate talkign about myself and im not good at it
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Oh no who let this man in!!!!

Only joking Jonny!!! Welcome aboard, be like old times with the posting!!

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Jonny aka my brother,

This guy has been a rock to me in the past and we have been through some times together, i'm pleased to be reunited with him again.

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Hi Jonny welcome

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