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Hidradenitis suppurativa

so i just got diagnosed with this. i was pretty sure i had it after seeing posts here and comparing what i have. also internet research. it isn't too severe, but is really really unpleasant. does anyone have any tips for dealing with it?
total colectomy in 1999, ileostomy for 3 months then reconnected, now i have a j-pouch. one fistula with a seton, and 2 more that just popped up..
currently taking 30mg of pred

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i was dx with HS as well about 7 months ago. where is yours located? mine is the upper thigh where the thigh meets the groin but i have been noticing little red bumps between my breasts as well. it is a very unpleasant disease and not very much talked about but please feel free to ask whatever questions you may have i am more than willing to answer and help in whatever way i can!! its great to find someone else who has it!! i use tea tree oil to help soothe mine that seems to work very well i have had my bump/lump for over 8 years it has been cut & drained numerous times and its not pretty at all but it is nice to put a name to it now! best of luck to you
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There is a web-site that deals with HS.

If I remember correctly, Turmeric or its more concentrated version of Curcumin is used by some to help with the disease. I take it to reduce inflammation and the myriad of other health benefits. I would add Ginger capsules and Krill Oil as they all can potentially help, and are not going to harm anyone.

If you are allergic to shell fish, do not use Krill Oil. You can use a high quality fish oil as a replacement.

Nothing I post here is to be construed as medical advice. I am not a doctor or health professional.
They are simply my opinions.
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My 52 year old daughter suffers from HS. She's having a really bad day and I've just been noodling around trying to see if there is anything new. I happened to notice the posts from hangingon and heart goes out to you! Are you familiar with Helminthic Therapy? It's fairly new and controversial, but I recommend that you seek it out through Google. Think about it and discuss it with your doc, if he/she is open to alternative medicine. My daughter had one rx and hopes to have one more, but she's been too sick with HS complications to do so. You may contact me at: [email protected], since I only registered to leave this comment. All the best to you!
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Many HS patients are looking for what works best for their ailment.
Is it true that some HS cases have been cured?

In the internet, I have found several people who claim to be cured of Hidradenitis suppurativa.

Claire who is one of these cured cases has written about a number of treatments she has used for HS.
And one treatment has brought her total healing and she is recommending the same for other HS patients.
She says - because her case was severe and she got totally healed, she believes many HS people should give this a try.
She thinks many will improve and get similar results as she did.

I have tried some lotions and a few other therapies with little
success. However, at some point I just got tired of going to a number of doctors and skin specialists.

I decided to try Claire's recommendation
and must admit, I have improved beyond any other medications.
With the healing and improvement, I think I will get over my HS using Claire's same medicine.

I invite HS sufferers to view her article at:
hs-mytreatments.weebly (dot) com

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