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Here we go

I'm on humira and Methotrexate, both are working to lower my immune system.

Now both my oldest and my youngest kid have the chicken pox. And their middle brother finished his a week ago.

I had it as a child so I can't get it again, but on reading some advice on how to help the kids with the itching, I read that if I have had the chicken pox I can still get the shingles...should I be worried?
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In my non-professional opinion, yes, you should be worried. Shingles is exactly the issue. I'd be terrified if my kids came home with CP (I also had it as a kid). Obviously, you can't get away from your kids, but I'd be using extra hand sanitizer and such.
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You can get the chicken pox again, it's a myth that you can only get it once. I had it as a baby and an adult and having it as an adult was terribly bad.

I would also be very worried and contacting a Dr asap.
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Well the youngest is 16 months, so I not going near him is out of the question. But I guess I can leave diaper changes to his mother for a while...
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You can get chicken pox more than once, particularly if you are immunocompromised.

As to shingles, once you contract chicken pox the virus lays dormant and in some people will reappear later as Herpes Zoster or Shingles. So the potential to develop shingles is always there.
For those people that have never had chicken pox, exposure to shingles can cause them to develop chicken pox. In other words shingles is not contagious unless you haven't had chicken pox.

Dusty. xxx
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When I came into contact with chicken pox, I spoke to my doctor who said that shingles can be activated at any time (not just from re-exposure to the virus), and to just monitor myself (check for rashs, temperature etc).

However, since you are on two suppressants and are in close contact with your kids, I would speak to the doctor, they may be able to give you anti vitals as a precaution?
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